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Hello everyone I am here SUPER PSYCHED to announce that I am one of the Topp Dogg mod supporters!!

Here's a little intro about me:

You all know me as @HeichousRegalia, but my real name is Joseline (pronounced as Joe-se-lean) and thanks to my sister I have opened my eyes and ventured into the world of Kpop. About me: - I love anime, in fact I'm going to anime expo for these 4 few days πŸ˜† - I like to dance (even though I'm not good at it πŸ˜…) - My favorite color is red - I love food (it's more of a love hate relationship) - I'm not exactly girly. I wear light make up but like that's it. - I love to cook. I want to go into culinary school to make awesome food to eat, because like I said earlier, I like food - I'm really weird, like really weird. One second I'll be serious and the next thing you know I'll be making vine references

As for the Topp Dogg community what will I do you ask?

I'm your Yano and A-Tom representative So stay tuned Topp Klass!! I'll be making two cards every Saturday! One for Yano and one for A-Tom so please let me know which member you would like to be tagged for or both πŸ˜ƒ
@HeichousRegalia yes it is ☺
This is a great chance to get to know everyone better 😊
its going to be fun spreading the love for Topp Dogg ❀
πŸ€— yay!! hi nice to meet you
please feel free to Tag me in both or in any topp dog post...I saw this adorable group a couple months ago and would love to learn more about them