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Some pics of Jimin from KCON
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Where is the first kiss one from with Jimin and Jungkook?
a year ago·Reply
Also the eleven minutes with EXO, whats up with that?
a year ago·Reply
@IWuvKpop the Jikook thingy is from a live stream idk where probably The V app On Sehun's birthday he waited till 12 for the members to wish him happy birthday but they didn't until 12:11.
a year ago·Reply
@Izzy987 where can I find the video, or is there no video?
a year ago·Reply
@IWuvKpop u can look on the bangtan bomb YouTube Channel or you can check their V app history thingy Heck actually scratch that just type into Google Jimin kissing Jungkook video or something like that.... Hope u find it 😊 (Sry if I'm no help XD)
a year ago·Reply