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And by that I mean it's really expensive.... But only if you can't resist buying nearly everything. If you can props to you....
There are many places to buy from but yesterday I made 3 orders from these two places.... Even with the free shipping from koreanmall it was still an expensive order XD I bought 6 albums, 2 DVD things, and a few other things. I'm not even going to count how many things I bid on on eBay daily because..... Yeahhh XD
In fact I spent so much money my card company called to make sure it was me XD
My brother asked me what he should name is pi帽ata and I said Jin because he's pink and cute.... And I didn't have a name for the other one so he named it Jimin XD
I use KPOPTOWN.COM cause they have reasonable prices on albums and shipping unless you expedite the order like me heehee. also they feature alot of Korea facial products I use and hair supplies Amazon. is good for my trinkets like bracelets and clothes .
@LocoForJiyong yeah. I made the mistake of watching the ASTRO plays one day and .... I just felt like I needed them in my life. I'm starting to get into mamamoo too... I usually don't really feel the need to buy any girl group albums(except ladies code.... They are my favorite...) but for some reason I feel like I need their newer album. Everyone is so lethal.... Kpop is so dangerous XD
@Bangtandoll lol yeah don't watch will become instantly trapped I've been trapped by them since predebut, madtown too dangerous, Astro I've followed since predebut thus why I really wanted their album but it honestly smart to hide from every group to avoid spending
@LocoForJiyong I honestly try not to really get into many groups so I don't buy anything XD I feel like id get knk's album if I watched them for real. I love seventeen but somehow I'm able to stop myself from buying all their albums XD I think eventually I'll get them. I've always wanted to buy madtown's album but never got around to it... I think the one I wanted at the time was out of stock. And ASTRO.... I was just waiting to see if they were going to be doing the mwave meet and greet thing before getting their album(but I did buy their first one)
@Bangtandoll 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀 you have better control than I do.....I first went on there with the intentions of buying one album (I'm basically trying to get all the cds I want so to watch my spending I wanted to do 1 cd per paycheck) well first cd I bought was madtowns new album....then I had the bright idea of getting knks new album since I already had the debut one.....from there somehow bought a Seventeen album....then after realizing how broke I now am.....I then see Astros cd and yeah so now i will be anticipating 4 new lovely cds
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