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Monsta X 3 Day Challenge Day 1.πŸ’•
the lovely @VatcheeAfandi99 came up with this amazing challenge and being monstaX trash I can't not do this. so since it's a 3 Day Challenge we get to choose any of the 3 we would like so for today's challenge...I choose...


My brother would be Shownu

the reason I chose shownu is the fact that he just has this protective vibe. he's such a sweetheart. he's an amazing leader , he loves to joke around but can still be serious when it's necessary. and idk I just feel like he would be the perfect older sibling who you could tell everything to and just go to for advice. also .....without hesitation protect his sister from any type of jerk.
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Awwwwh you make me want Shownu be my brother tooπŸ˜„πŸ˜„
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