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I wake up in Hongbin's room. The sun is shinning through his white curtains. I can hear Hongbin slightly snoring on the back of my neck. He must've been really tired. I try to get up from the bed but Hongbin hugs me tight. "Where do you think you're going?" Hongbin asks still half a sleep. "To the kitchen. I'm hungry." I reply. "Can we just stay in bed the whole day?" Hongbin whines. I laugh and turn my body to face him. His eyes are still closed. I examine his entire face. The way his hair falls right on top of his thick eyebrows. His beautiful round almond shaped eyes. His pointy nose and full pink lips. Even that one beauty mark he has on his neck. How could someone be so beautiful. "Are you going to keep on staring at me?" Hongbin smiles. He pulls my body under him and kisses me. His kiss is gentle and his lips are soft. I wouldn't mind staying like this the whole day. Hongbin pulls away from the kiss. "Now that you've woken me up we can go eat." Hongbin says. "No. Just five more minutes." I whine. Hongbin laughs and kisses me one last time before getting off the bed and putting his clothes on. I stare at his well toned abs as they flex as he is putting his shirt and pants on. He leaves the room and goes to the kitchen. I sit up on his bed and search the room for my clothes. Oh great. I forgot he literally ripped my dress of last night. I find my undergarments and put them on before going to Hongbin's closet and borrowing one of his black cotton t-shirt. I go to the kitchen to see Hongbin cooking what smells like pancakes eggs and bacon. I make myself useful and set up the table and pour orange juice in my cup and apple juice in Hongbin's cup. Hongbin puts the food on our plates and sits down across from me. "You remember I don't drink orange juice." Hongbin says. I smile. Hongbin and I eat our breakfast in silence with only a few flirtatious glances here and there. Hongbin finishes eating before I do. He gets up and takes his plate to the kitchen before coming to me and giving me a kiss on the cheek. "I'm going to shower. By the way you look really nice with my shirt on." Hongbin says while putting his hand on my knee and moving up my thigh. I choke on my food and Hongbin laughs. He walks up the steps to his room. "This is the longest Hongbin has been nice to me." I say to myself. I finish my breakfast and take my plate to the kitchen. "Chichi!" Hongbin screams angrily from his room. "I knew the peace wouldn't last." I say to myself while I rush to his room. "What's wrong?" Hongbin is standing on the side of the bed closest to the bathroom. He is in his towel and his body is still wet. Hongbin is giving me a death look. I look at him confused. He throws my cellphone on the side of the bed where I am standing. Still confused I pick up my phone and I see that I received a text message from Ken saying that he will love to meet up with me tonight. Oh shit! I forgot about this. "When were you going to tell me?" Hongbin asks still angry. "It's not what you think?" I say calmly. "If it's not then cancel." Hongbin says. "I can't." I say. "So you were angry about me bringing all those girls home but then you were talking to Ken all along." Hongbin starts to raise his voice. I smile at his jealousy. "This is funny to you?" "A little." I say and he just stares at me with a serious face. "Don't worry your little jealous head about Ken. We're just meeting up because Jack, my boss. You remember him right?" I say sarcastically. "Yea. He wants me to scout him as our model for the summer edition of our magazine since Ken is a rising star now. I'm only meeting up with him for business." "I'm not jealous of that dirtbag." Hongbin says under his breath but I still hear him. I walk up to him and put my arms around his neck. "Sure you're not jealous." I mock him and he wraps his arms around my waist. "Shut up." Hongbin says and kisses me. His kiss is more passionate than before and I can tell that this is his way of telling me that I'm his. "Don't worry I'm still yours." I say and give him a light kiss on the lips before I leave his room and head to mine to get ready to meet up with Ken. I walk to Altus lounge which is where I will be meeting with Ken. While I'm walking towards the front entrance I see Ken sitting in one of the outside tables. I sit in the empty chair in front of him. "Hey Chichi. I'm really glad you messaged me. I've been wanting to clear the tension between us ever since that little encounter we had last time." Ken says. My mind replays that moment when I saw Ken and Amber together. Why does it still bother me? Do I still have feelings for Ken. I look at him up and down. My heart starts to race a little. My cheeks feel hot and I start fanning myself with my hand. Ken looks at me confused. "Chichi are you ok?" Ken asks. "Yea. I just need some water." I say. Ken takes the pitcher of water from the table and pours me a cup of water. "Um. Actually I didn't ask to meet up with you to speak about that. My boss, Jack wants you to be our model for our magazine." I say. I take out a contract that Jack gave me to give to Ken and I place it in front of him. Ken looks down at the contract. "Chichi I don't know..." Ken says. "Come on Ken. This would be a great opportunity not only for you but also for me. I can promoted." I say. "I want to speak about us." Ken grabs my hand. "Can we give us another chance." I stay frozen. "I made a mistake with letting you go and then going out with Amber. I just want you back. You make me happy." Ken says. Feeling flustered I slowly remove my hands from his. Ken looks at me and sees that I'm overwhelmed. He looks down at the contract once again and signs it. He puts the contract in front of me and stands up. "I'm doing this just for you." Ken says and walks away. Silently I look at him walk away. My mind is jumbled up. I don't know what to think. I don't know what to say. To see if my mind would clear up a little I take a walk around the park that's near Altus. How can my heart still beat for him like it did after he hooked up with my cousin? "Are you crazy?" I say while slamming my fist on the left side of my chest. I go home. "Hongbin are you home?" I say. I don't need to scream because he could hear me from a mile away. The house is completely silent. "I guess he went out." I say to myself. I go to my room and change into Hongbin's black shirt and some white shorts. I head downstairs to the living room to watch tv to get my mind of Ken. Before I know it I fall asleep on the couch. Hongbin's POV I walk inside the house with grocery bags in hand and see the tv on. "Did I leave it on?" I say to myself while walking to the kitchen to drop off the bags on the counter. I walk towards the tv and I see Chichi sleeping on the couch. "She came back faster than I thought." I say to myself again. She shifts in her sleep and the blanket that was on top of her fall to the floor. I pick it up and put it on her again. "Ken.." Chichi says in her sleep. "Ken..." She says again but this time tears are falling from her eyes. What happened between her and Ken today? I knew I should've followed her. Did he hurt her? Did he make a move on her? I start getting angry and see my vision getting red. I take a deep breath to calm myself down. "Ken please don't go.." Chichi says in her sleep and I can't help but feel uneasy about what happened between them today. Chichi's POV I wake up to see Hongbin staring at me and I get startled. "Oh my gosh. You scared me." I say. "Why would you be scared? Are you hiding something?" Hongbin asks. I panic but try my best to hide it. "No. What would I be hiding?" I say trying to sound calm and collected. "I don't know. Oh by the way you were sleep talking." Hongbin says while walking upstairs to his room. I put my hands over my mouth. Oh my gosh. What was I sleep talking about? I can't ask him because if I was talking about Ken my relationship with Hongbin will end again and I can't deal with that right now. Should I tell him about what happened today? No. Nothing serious happened so I don't need to ruin the peace we have with nonsense right? Ah! I don't know. I go to my room and throw myself on my bed. I look at the time and it's 11pm. I'm not tired one bit right now. I should have not taken that nap earlier. I walk to Hongbin's bedroom door. I slowly open the door and stick only my head inside the room. Hongbin is giving his back to me. He is only wearing sweats. "Can I come in?" I ask. Hongbin doesn't move or say anything. I walk towards the bed and start crawling on top of it until I'm right next to Hongbin. I look over his shoulder to see if his eyes are open but they are closed. "Are you mad at me?" I whisper in his ear. He still doesn't move but I can see his eyes moving under his eyelids so I know he hears me. "Beanie." I pout and rest my chin on his shoulder. Hongbin turns his body to face me and looks at me with his cold eyes. I give him a small cute smile and he just stares at me. "Are you still mad that I met up with Ken earlier?" I say while still on my hands and knees looking down at him. "It just bothers me." Hongbin sighs and puts his arms behind his head. I lay down next to him with my belly touching the bed and my elbows holding me up. "You don't have to worry about anything. It was just business talk." I lie. Hongbin doesn't say anything but pulls me close to him and I lay my head on his naked chest and he rests his chin on the top of my head. "I love you. You know that right?" I say. Hongbin pauses. "Yea I know." He says while hugging me tighter. ~~~~~~Bonus Video. 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