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“Excuse me a second.” You giggled down the hallway of the restaurant only to be caught halfway by a strong pair of arms. Hands were covering your mouth before you could even make a noise.
“It’s just me,” you relax at the sight of your boyfriend, hitting his arm playfully for scaring you like that.
“Not liking the party?” You could hear Chanyeol and Baekhyun arguing about something, and the music continued to boom throughout the place.
“No, I love it,” he kisses the side of your cheek. “Thank you for organising it.”
“But?” He was particularly bursting at the seems to say something else.
“Can we go home?” He had an uncertain sort of look on his face when he asks you.
“But you just got here, it’s your birthday, it doesn’t make sense if you leave so early.” Plus you’d have to explain him leaving early, and you really hated doing things like that.
“But you see, the issues is,” His hands run playfully up and down your back and you cock an eyebrow at him.
“There’s this really great cake at home, and I really really want to taste it.” His hands secure themselves on either side of your hips, pulling you tighter against him.
“This cake you speak off, is there whip cream on top?” Jongdae smiles a cheeky smile, pressing his lips to the side of your neck and kissing upwards towards your lips.
“This cake, is so prefect, you can’t really find it anywhere else.” His lips find yours, and you both indulge in the feel and taste of each other.
“Well, we probably should get home and eat it before it goes bad right?” he nods against you, his lips now attacking the junction between collarbone and neck. He bites into the skin there and you loose all ability to think logically, your judgement clouded by your lust and desire for this man in front of you.
“I don’t think we can make it home.” Grabbing his hand you rush into the disabled toilet, locking the door behind the two of you. “Looks like you’ll have to have your cake here.”
“No complaints.” He pushes your hard against the door, you’re busy undoing his belt buckle as he quickly pushes your dress up. You’re about to undo his zipper before he slaps your hand away.
Pushing the dress further up your body, he find himself kneeling in front of your dripping core. He runs the tips of his finger across your slip, and admires the way your juices coats them making them nice and shiny.
“How does my cake want to be tasted?” He pushes aside your black panties and places his tongue flat against your clit. “Like this?” you moan and roll your head back, rocking your hips into him wanting more. “Or like this?” He uses the tip of his tongue this time, wiggling it back and forth up and down your slit.
“Oh shit Jongdae,” you grip tight on his hair to steady yourself as the gesture alone had you on the verge of coming.
“This cake sure tastes good.” He taps the inside of your leg and you spread yourself wide for him. He situates himself perfectly beneath you and starts to abuse your clit with his tongue. He alternates between long languid licks to quick small darting movements. You’re rolling your hips on his face, as he tries to bring you one step closer to that finish line.
He had his tongue deep inside of you when he feels your walls starting to clench. “Oh baby, not yet.” Slowly making his way up from the ground, you noticed that the whole time he was eating you out, he was also slowly stroking himself hard.
When his lips find yours again, you happily take over the job from his hand, stroking his member within yours. He slips a packet into your other hand, and you make quick work of it, slipping the rubber easily over him. He brushes your hand aside and positions himself at your entrance. He teases you a little further, rubbing his tip a few times back and forth against your clit making you almost scream his name.
Resting one leg against his hip, you both watch as he slowly pushes himself inside of you. He makes sure to go slow, letting you feel every inch of him stretching you to your hilt. There was still some pain, he was blessed with great girth. He made sure to go slow, puling himself carefully all the way out before slowly pushing himself back in.
“Please, please baby go faster.” You hands gripped his shoulders as he smiled that glorious kitten smile of his.
“What did you say baby, I can’t hear you?” He pulls out and thrusts particularly hard back into you, making you scream a little.
“Please Jongdae, fuck me faster!” You thanked God there was loud music playing, because someone would’ve definitely heard you just then.
“Your wish is my command.” He easily picks up his speed, transitioning smoothly from his long slow thrusts to shorter, deeper thrusts. His previous ministrations had you already on the edge of an orgasm, but you wanted to focus on Jongdae, it’s his birthday after all.
Clenching your walls nice and tightly around him, you could see his brow furrow from the added friction. “Shit baby, don’t do that.” He buried his face into the crook of your neck, teeth bitting and chewing against the skin there. You kew he was close, his thrust were getting sloppy and his pants harder.
“Come with me,” he places his fingers against your clit and starts to rub in a figure 8 manner. A small touch from him was all you needed to drive you over your edge. His hand covered your mouth as you came screaming his name loud and clear.
Jongdae comes soon after, stilling in front of you, your name whispered against your ears. The way he says your name is enough for you to come again. Never has your name sounded any better, than being moaned by Jongdae. You’re still panting when he slowly pulls himself out of you.
He disposes of the condom easily and catches a bit of your juice as it leaks down the side of your leg. He dips the digits in his mouth and you can’t help bit you lip as he does so. “I sure have one hell of a birthday cake.” You couldn’t help but blush at his word as you cleaned yourself up.
“Hands off.” You warned Jongdae as you fixed yourself in the mirror. “I can’t guarantee we can make it out of here if you touch me like that again.” It was a warning, but it wasn’t a bad warning. Jongdae was almost tempted to cross this warning before a knock on the door disturbs you both.
“Jongdae hyung! Are you in there? You’re having sex aren’t you?” It was Chanyeol, and by the sound of it Baekhyun was probably next to him. “Hyung, open!” They banged on the door a little more as you and Jongdae exchanged a look.
“What say you, let’s put on a show for them shall we?”
“It is your birthday, so your wish really is my command.” Of course, you honestly would never say no to round two with Jongdae, ever, even in an awkward sized toilet.
“Hmm, well I think my cake still has a little left,” you nod as he walks closer, hands secure once agin round your hips. “So maybe I should finish it?” The way he emphasise the word finish makes your stomach muscle clench in the most delightful way. “but first.”
Before you know it Jongdae’s pull opened the door of the bathroom. He drags you directly through the crowd of people towards the exit. “But the people-”
Jongdae pushes you against his car and ravishes your lips with his. “We’ll be back, I promise, I just need to, take care of this cake thing, with you.”
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😘😘😍🙌YESSSSS!!!!!!🙌😍😘😘 This is why Chen is my bias.
Well damn 😍😍.
I can't stop grinning... 😁
see this is why he's my bias wrecker. he's hit so yummy. I mean I know it's a story but damn, just damn
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