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“This is ridiculous, she’s never going to go for it.”
“Will you stop being a pussy? It’s not weird to ask.”
You opened your bedroom door, tired of hearing the pointless conversation in front of it. “Weird to ask what?” You countered.
Jongdae and Baekhyun looked at you in complete shock before Jongdae elbowed Baek in the ribs and the boy whimpered in protest.
“You said it wasn’t weird so why aren’t you asking me?” You directed your question to the mouthy one.
Baekhyun rubbed his rib cage and sighed, “Okay, fine. Jongdae wants to know if you’ll have a threesome with us.”
Jongdae scoffed and look at his friend in shock, “IT WAS YOUR IDEA!”
Baekhyun rolled his eyes, “Yeah, but YOU suggested actually going for it. Mine was more fantasy.”
“You fantasize about having threesomes with me?”
Both boys blushed and looked away, but you just smiled. “Yeah why not? We have the place to ourselves tonight anyway.” You opened your bedroom door wider and turned your back to them to let them in.
They followed you slowly, both of them in complete shock that you just gave into them. They stood awkwardly in the room before Jongdae turned and closed the door.
You sat on the edge of your bed and watched them expectantly. Loving the turmoil written on their faces as they stood helplessly in the center of your room.
“So,” Baekhyun interrupted the silence, “How do we do this?”
You snorted, “are you asking how to have a threesome right now?”
He blushed, “No, that’s not what I meant.” He scratched the back of his head nervously and looked away.
You finally smiled and broke the tension. “Guys, do you really want to do this?” You asked them, scooting further back on the side of your twin size mattress.
They eyed each other nervously before nodding, “Yes…” They answered in unison.
You patted the space on either side of your hips, “Then come sit next to me. Stop making things awkward.”
They both sat down next to you and you gave them reassuring smiles before grabbing the mouth you wanted most. You grabbed Jongdae’s chin and brought his cat-like lips to yours for a heated kiss. You could feel him jerk in surprise, but soon he melted into the kiss, his warm hand rested on your thigh and his lips moved against yours.
You grinned as you broke away from the kiss softly and turned to Baekhyun whose face was flushed red and you giggled at his nervousness. “You’re all bark and no bite, you know that?” You told him before bringing him into a sweeter kiss than what you shared with Jongdae.
Once you kissed both boys the awkward tension snapped away. Jongdae got more daring and began kissing at your neck, his hand squeezed your thigh and slid further up your leg. Slowly the three of you undressed each other. They rid you of your shirt and peppered your skin with kisses while you got them out of their own shirts and unbuttoning your pants.
Soon the three of you were laying naked together in your tiny bed, a boy on either side of you as took turns kissing their lips. The mouth that wasn’t busy against your own trailed light kisses along your chest. You had your tongue in Jongdae’s mouth, your fingers twisted through his gorgeous hair while Baekhyun’s hands were travelling between your legs and skirting along your entrance. You moaned into the younger’s mouth when Baekhyun slid a slim finger inside of you and curled it upwards.
You felt him crawl between your legs and soon his warm tongue was flickering over your clit as another finger joined the first. Jongdae bit your bottom lip and began kissing down your neck to your breasts. He took a nipple into his mouth and his fingers found the other one.
Soon your body was on sensory overload as Baekhyun rested a hand on your lower stomach and began to snap his wrists while his fingers rubbed over the sensitive spot inside of you over and over. The sensations of both of them touching and licking you on your most sensitive areas sent you straight over your edge and you came with a loud moan
Baekhyun’s tongue was relentless as he licked your already sensitive area until you had nothing left to give him. You laid spent on your pillows, enjoying the lazy kisses that you were receiving from both of their mouths.
Baekhyun gave you a shit eating grin that you decided need to be wiped clean off of his face. So you pushed him back on to the bed, straddled his hips, and slid on top of him without any hesitation. Enjoying the look of shock and pleasure that crossed over his features as you slid right down along him.
You were still sensitive from your climax just moments before, but it felt amazing to have him inside of you as you placed your palms on either side of his chest and began to raise your hips up and down. Baekhyun moaned and rested either hand on your hips to help guide you on top of him. Jongdae scooted closed to you, getting on his knees he began to suck a hickey into your neck as you wrapped your fingers around his erection and began to stroke him to the rhythm of Baekhyun’s thrusting.
Jongdae’s fingers ran along your stomach and breasts, playing with your nipples, his lips kissing your bare shoulders. He moaned against your skin, bringing his face up to meet your gaze, “Does he feel good?” He asked you lowly.
You moaned as Baekhyun chose that moment to thrust particularly hard up into you. You nodded at Jongdae, “Mm, he does.”
Jongdae gave you a playful smirk, “I bet I feel better.” He whispered into your ear before wrapping an arm around your waist and literally lifting you off of the older of the two.
Jongdae pressed gently on your back, putting you on all fours in front of his hips and slamming his length inside of you. You moaned his name in response and you heard Baekhyun smack Jongdae right in the arm before sitting up next to you.
You sat up and patted the area by your head so that you could get Baekhyun into your mouth and immediately began to massage him with your tongue while Jongdae pounded into your from behind.
Soon your bedroom was filled with the moaning of the three of you. You moaned against Baekhyun’s cock as your head bobbed on top of him. Jongdae’s grip on your hips was growing tighter and you knew the three of you were growing close.
Baekhyun whined your name as he gripped a hand into your hair and you felt him fill your mouth, all of which you swallowed before sitting up and resting your face against his bare thigh.
“God, Jongdae, please don’t stop.” You moaned as he continued thrusting into you.
Baekhyun, recovering from his own orgasm slid forward and his fingers found your clit, rubbing it diligently and sending you into another climax, pulsating around Jongdae and crying his name.
Jongdae rode out your own peak before pulling out and reaching his on your back and bum.
After the usual messy task of getting cleaned up, the three of you snuggled into your bed and let your bodies relax from the precious highs you had all received.
“I never thought you’d go for that,” Jongdae told you as you rested your head against his chest and let him run his fingers through your hair.
Baekhyun was spooning you, his fingers tracing patterns along your bare skin.
You smiled, “Well see? There’s never any harm in asking.”
Baekhyun chuckled behind you, “Want to do it again in a few minutes.”
You nodded earnestly. “Yes, please.”
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I'm done!!! It's infires in here 😈😈😈😈
well damn, that was so hot I ended up in the fourth gate of hell. (Dante's inferno joke)
I need some salt and holy water..... stat 😱😱😱
LOL I knew those two were naughty 😈 ... oh what fun to be had lol
*hides under rock and drenches self in holy water*
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