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@amobigbang made a Jay Park screen shot game. Since it is my day off I decided to get back into the swing of things. I'm going to start with this and maybe even write a bit. I'll try to have a Suga Sweet Sunday again this week and start doing my DBS again. Onto the results.
I am so good with this. He is really a cool guy but I do see him more of a friend then a romantic interest.
Mmm he really knows me well. Food is the thing I love most weather making it or eating it.
I'm going to assume that him thinking this with us as friends he finds me to be not just his bestie but someone he can count on for a long time. There might be some inkling that he has thought of me as more than just a friend at some point but he wishes for whatever girl he ends up with to be even just a fraction of what I am to him. His most perfect companion and partner in crime.
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thanks for playing