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It's the final Chapter! It makes me sad to say that but I am hoping as a bonus at some point there is an epilogue coming out. Anyway I'm going to say thank you to all my readers and I hope you had as much fun reading this as I did writing! I had a needed to write goofy nonsense and nothing romantic, I know a few were disappointed by that and I sorry but maybe next story will be a romance! So now I'm going to say bye bye! And have fun reading!
“I wonder if we can take a Korean guy home” Trinity said randomly. Still groggy from sleep I stared at her. “You want to kidnap a guy?” I asked her. “Well who else will?” she questioned. “There’s something wrong here” Suga interrupted. “Who would you kidnap?” he asked nervous. “Well it can’t be any of you guys. As much as it has been fun talking to you guys, but you have jobs and a busy schedule wouldn’t want to deprive you of that” I told him. “Which is why it has to be someone else” Trinity said. “I don’t want any part of that” I said. It made her laugh. “O come on, be my accomplice” she said. “Nope, I’ll just bail you out of jail. “ I told her, than shrugged. “After I form a bond with said kidnapped guy” I added chuckling. “You choose a guy over your best friend?” She sounded like she was shocked, sounded, she really wasn’t. “Probably. Give it a couple day’s” I said with a nod. “Oh gosh, this is playing right into the dream I had” I laughed. “You dreamed I kidnapped someone?” she questioned. “Ne” I drew out the word. “I dreamed I was kidnapped and than turned out it was by some hot guy and I started to like him but than Namjoon rescued me for some reason” I explained shortly. “I rescued you?” Namjoon asked than nodded. “Hero!” He said making a pose. “What did I rescue you from?” he asked. I shrugged. “Drug lords?” I said questionably. “I could take them” he nodded his approval. “Ladies and gentlemen we will be landing shortly, if you can turn off electronics and return your seats to the upright positions” The speaker went on and announced. “Oh my god, We’re almost there!” Trinity said. “I’m sad this is over but dear god I want OFF” I said. “My legs hurt from not moving and my back is stiff” I complained. “I know what you mean” Trinity said. “My back is killing me” she agreed with me. “It’s going to land in another twenty minutes and than we have to wait for deboarding” Namjoon said. “Your probably right” I nodded. “So are you guys getting off first and with a bunch of security?” I asked him. He just nodded. “So once you're off the plane than we’re not going to see you?” Trinity questioned sadly. “You’ll see us at the concerts” Namjoon said. “If you still want the tickets?” he questioned. “Sure” I nodded. “Can’t leave off just like this now can we?” I laughed. “If you come backstage after we can get food!” Suga said interrupting us. “Meal time!” I said happily. “Well that’s just more incentive!” I added making him laugh. “Are we going to get off first or wait until rush is over?” I asked trinity. “We can wait for a little bit” she said. “That works. And you have our hotel information right?” I asked her. “Yup, it’s in my purse and we’ll have to get a phone, oh I don’t know if our phones will work here” Trinity looked scared for a minute. “We can try when we get on the ground, if they don’t than we can just get a pre-paid cell phone” I told her. “What company do you have?” Namjoon questioned. “If you have a chip for your phone it will work” he added. “Virgin mobile. Definitely won’t work. It didn’t in Ireland but I can still hook up to internet and use snapchat and facebook” I told her. “I have t-mobile and the international chip thing I think mine will work” Trinity said. “It will!” Namjoon said. “Yey, we’ll have one working phone!” I said with a sleepy smile. “And soon a pre-paid. Think we’ll want one so that we don’t use up all the data on my phone” she said making me laugh. “Or if we get split up and can’t find each other.” I added. “Remember when we went to a concert and afterwards in the crowd because our phones were dead we couldn’t find each other for like twenty minutes. That wasn’t bad but just think that was one building this is an entire city” I told her. “You are directionally challenged. Don’t blame it on phones not working” Trinity said. “Well duh. I know I am but that doesn’t explain getting lost” I shot back. “Oh it does” she said cryptically. I stared at her for a moment. Than I turned to Namjoon. “So what are you guys doing after deboarding?” I asked him. He thought about it for a moment. “Going to the dorms than studio. Our concert is tomorrow night so we can get over jet lag” he said. “Nice!” I nodded. “Gives you time to relax” I added. “What will you be doing?” he asked turning the table on me. “Hmm. Well first going to the hotel, than since it’ll be afternoon I’ll end up dragging Trin trin to a coffee shop before exploring” I told him. “You won’t have to drag me around. I’m going willingly!” Trinity interjected. “Good I happy!” I grinned. “IF you hadn’t I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to go on my own” I told her truthfully. “You know with getting lost and all that” I shrugged. “Well no worries, you’ll have plenty of time for that” Trinity said laughing. “You are that directionally challenged?” Namjoon asked. “Hmm, oh yea. We’ve realized that if it’s the two of us, it’s not an adventure if we don’t get lost at least once” I told him. “That strange” he shook his head. My ears started to pop and the plane started its descent. The plane was nose diving and I had to grip onto the arm rest. “We forgot to put earplugs in” Trinity said. “I know” I groaned even as I realized I still had the headphones around my neck. “Here I said handing one to her and putting the other in my ear. “This’ll help at least” I said as I pressed the button on my phone to put the music back on. Got7 started to play. It helped with the popping of the ear’s as we went down until we felt the landing. A noise came from ahead of us. When the plane stopped moving I let out my breath that I subconsciously was holding and took out the headphone. “Yey we made it!” Trinity shouted making several people laugh. “I so happy, so happy!” she sang delighted by it. I joined in doing jazz hands and ended up laughing halfway through the second verse. “Welcome to South Korea!” The intercom spoke than started speaking about getting off and such. After the first couple words I didn’t pay attention. It was the end of the plane ride! Sadly it was the end of our time with BTS, Panther, and Daniella. It had been nice getting to know them and have fun on the long plane ride. Panther had been anxious to get off the plane so once the guy’s got off with security surrounding them the group that was ready to go got off. It took about three minutes before there was gaps in between people leaving. Daniella went first and than me and Trinity got up and grabbed our carry on’s before getting off the plane. When we got of the plane I took notice of the vast difference of this airport verses the one we came on. “Wow” Trinity said before people started walking around us to get by us. So we started to move and made our way to the luggage area. “It’s the middle of the day I guess it gets busy. Oh I bet if you go out those doors they have that waiting area where you can get people who are coming off the plane. I’ve seen that in drama’s” Trinity exclaimed. “I’m so excited. Were actually here. Arianna. We are here!” Trinity exclaimed making me chuckle. We sure were!!! The End! . . . Or so. . . . Shall the story continue?????
I say post the dang epilogue already lol....and I agree with @MaritessSison Lost in South Korea lol
lol. I'm working on the epilogue as I write this. hopefully I be posting in the next day or 2.
I think a continuation is in order please!😊 Adventures getting lost in South Korea! The trouble those two could get into! lol