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Hello everyone! I'm @JiyongLeo or as most people know me, Jiji! I'm so very excited to introduce myself as a BTOB mod support:)
I will be representing Changsub in our group which is great because sweet Changsub is my BTOB bias! So I'm pretty excited to be representing him! BTOB are one of the first few groups I discovered when I first got into k-pop a year ago, I fell totally in love with their dorkiness and beautiful voices! I've been in the fandom ever since! No regrets haha Such sweet bebes :) I can't wait to fangirl with you all!
Let me tell you a little bit about me! My name is Ashley but I prefer Jiji! So please call me Jiji:) You may know me from the VIXX community, I'm the Moderator there, and this quarter you can find me not only in the VIXX community, but also here in the BTOB community, the B.A.P community, and the Cross Gene community from time to time! So feel free to say hi or something! Hehe I'm 19 and starting college in the fall (The excitement and stress is so real) I am total multifandom trash. I'm into over 100 k-pop groups. Not even kidding. My top bias groups are BigBang, VIXX, Madtown, and B.A.P. My UB's are VIXX's Jung Taekwoon and BigBang's G-Dragon When I'm not on Vingle I'm typically on YouTube watching my favorite YouTubers, drawing, or learning some new dance moves. I think thats's all I have for you guys now! If there's anything I left out that you wanna know, feel free to comment and ask! I truly cannot wait to bring you Changsub fun! :) Now it's your turn! Make an intro card telling us stuff about you! We would absolutely love to get to know you guys! So make a card introducing yourself to the community and tag the mods! It'll be super fun! (come on do it for BTOB)
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Hi Jiji! It's really nice to meet you. OMG, Changsub is so cute!! I can't wait to see the cards you will make for him this quarter.