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Alright folks! Round of applause for @EwSeungkwan making it to being ROMEO communities moderator!! She's an awesome gal and I know this community will be a fun place to be under her ruling. Our lovely ROMEO Queen as asked me to help her with spreading the love of this boy group. It was because of her that I feel in love with these boys. So with some random cards done, we've also decided to have an appreciation day for each member of the group. This first week it'll be just basic information, and the weeks after that it'll be random. So, the first member of the week is...
KANGMIN!!! His name is Noh KangMin (노강민). According to the other members of thr group, his nicknames are Kkangmini (깡민이), Kangpopie (강팝이), Pop Boy (팝보이), and MiNi (미니). I like MiNi best He was born on Sept. 5, 1999. So that will make him 16 yrs old... eegads he's young He's the maknae of the group, and he's also a rapper and a dancer. He's 5'10" tall... Well crap, he's about 10 yrs my junior AND he's taller then me. What are these kids being fed!? He's currently attending School of Performing Arts in Seoul and his hobbies include fishing, dancing (popping), reading webtoons, hiking, and bike riding.
He's roommates w/ Milo and HyunKyung. Milo and YunSung both admitted that they didn't think he would last long (as a trainee) when they first met him. The rest of ROMEO unanimously chose him as the member who has changed the most since debut stating that he become more confident in himself.
Alright folks! That's all for today until the next "Kangmin FRIDAY". I decided on starting a tag list for ROMEO related things that EwSeungkwan and I will use. So if you would like to be added to this tag list, be sure to sat so in the comments below, and you'll see either EwSeungkwan or I tomorrow!! 안녕!!!
He's literally a few days younger than me I can't even... Can you add me to the tag list please?
Aw he's actually a little younger than me! (I was born in August~)
They're just babies but so cute!!!