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Probably my most favorite AMV ever. 鉂わ笍馃槏馃槉馃榿馃拃 @LuffyNewman @OtakuDemon10 So many feels!!!
This def goes super well with the video!! AMV on point for sure!! Not my personal choice for music, lol not bad just into a lot heavier stuff usually. Haha, my crazy tastes. But I sef think this one of the best if not best bleach AMV I've seen. Makes me wanna binge bleach again but I'm still trying to finish Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny lol. Thanks for the tag I def dig this!!
the song has always been very appropriate for Ichigo
@KurosakiJess I watched reborn years ago but is there a new lengthy one? Or did I just finish it all and didn't realize lol. I've been on a Gundam seed n Gundam Destiny binge but kinda cause I grew up with a lot of Gundam. But anything you missed from spring 16 releases this year were all damn good. Obvi boku no hero academia which I think you've seen. Koutetsujou no kabaneri is also finished and amazing, sousei no onmyouji, magi: sinbad currently airing is great if u liked Magi!! Re:Zero is still airing and awesome, newest JOJO is awesome so far and still airing, mayoiga was not bad, I loved Kiznavier of course haha, Bungou was also amazing esp at the end, ano natsu de Mattero couple years old but amazing and great story, cowboy bebop is always a amazing classic and fun re binge!! Dennou cool was a cool interesting anime my buddy recommended me a while back, dimension W if u have seen it was winter16 release along with divine hate both pretty good, goku toshi asterisk s2 just finished and was good, GATE: was a great 2 season anime from this and end of last year, hai to genshou no grimgar from winter 16 was awesome!! And of course all of Gintama and especially the movies since they're are some of the best anime movies of all time!! I could go on forever I've watched 500 anime in the last year n half lol!! I think my counters says 160 days of anime watched since Jan of 2015 lol so I have a bunch to recommend but those are the most recent or 12-26 episode picks that are from spring n winter 2016 release!! Let me know if those help or I can find more, I always watch all of every season release for winter spring summer n fall for each yeah so I usually have the rated and reviewed on my IMAL app and on MyAnimeList lol. And Jul 8 def one Piece film: Gold!!!!!!!!! Yes!!
Yeaaa! A new workout song! Thanx!
I'm into way heavier music as well but this song always goes well with my favorite anime scenes! Haha. I am 3 episodes away from finishing Reborn! and I am going to be sad and lost. Finishing long ish animes always hits me harder than short ones. I'm not sure what I'll watch next!?? Suggestions captain? 馃槉 @LuffyNewman
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