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Chapter 1 ************* They say running away never solve your problems. It can only cause more more problems then you already have. Did I ever wanted to run away? Yes, every waking moment of my life. Running away for me was a way for me to get away from the bad things that were happening to me. From the age of ten, I have been running for my life but everytime I ran, I would end up in the same situation. My parents weren't like everyones else's parents. They were cruel and abusive. When I was hiding behind an alleyway, an old man found me and took me to his home. He was a disgusting human being. He did things that I promised myself that I would never bring up again. At the age of sixteen, he died and I ran away again. I found me a stripping job but that lasted a few months when this guy kidnapped me and sold me as a slave to the monster's. I was passed down from master to master. I never stayed with one master for every long. They didn't like me or thought I was useless. "Areum!!" His voice yelled as it sent shivers down my body. My hands were shaking as I set down the dish I was washing. I quickly went to the room where my master was at. "Yes Master?" I said. I was trying to be calm but my master was the worst one out of all the masters I had. "I'm going to a party tonight and I need you to accompany me to fetch me my drinks and food. If you embarrass me in anyway. I'll be sure to punish you." "Yes Master" I bowed to him. He waved his hand to dismiss me as I went back to washing the dishes. Short minutes turned into long hours as I ran around the house because my master needed something. When it was finally time to get ready for the party, I was dressed in my dirty rags and ready to go. My master was ready after five minutes. I sat in on the opposite side of my master as we rode in silence. When we were about to get out, he grabbed my arm really tight. "You will be on your best behavior tonight. Do not embarrass me." He growled between his teeth. "Yes Master, I'll be on my best behavior" I told him. He yanked me out of the vehicle and made it through doors. I followed my master around listening to his conversation between other people. "Areum, go get me a drink" he ordered. "Yes Master." I bowed to him and the others as I hurried to get my master a drink. On my way back, I accidentally trip and spilled my master's drink. "I--I----I am so s-s-sorry" I stuttered as I looked up at the lady. "Sorry? You're Sorry? This dress costed me a fortune and your sorry!!!" She yelled. Apparently her yelling caught some of the masters and Mistress attention. One of the attention was my master. "Excuse Milady, what seems to be the problem?" My master asked the lady. "Is she your's?" She asked him as she raised an eyebrow. "Yes Milady" "Your servant spilled the drink she was carrying on me" he shot me a glance as I can tell his jaw clenched. I bowed my head. "I am sorry Milady. I'll pay the extra expense for it and will have a deeply conversation with my servant." He apologized to the lady and gae her his card to send the bill to him. He dragged me out by the hair to the balcony. When we were out of site, he started beating me up. "Please stop" I plead as all the flashback memories came to me. I screamed and cried. "You can never do anything right, You useless bitch" he yelled at me and kept kicking and slapping me. "Stop!!" A female voice yelled. My Master stopped in a middle of a slap and looked at the lady. "Why should I?" My master asked the lady. "Your hurting her" I "And I should care why?" My master said. "She's useless bitch anyways." "Your an asshole you know that. Your cruel, manipulative and a cold hearted bastard." She said as she was getting closer to my master. "Shut your mouth and learn your place bitch!" He was about to slap her but another man stopped his hand. "I believe it is you that needs to learn your place before hitting someone else's mate." He growled between his teeth at my master. This was my first time seeing my master scared."Yes Master N" My master said. I would have listen to their conversation but I blacked out. ~LEO P.O.V~ "Let's go home. Leo get the girl." HakYeon said as he wrapped his arm around his mate. Ravi patted my shoulder and followed behind. I walked to the girl, who was passed out on the ground. I picked her up and quickly followed behind my brother's. I entered the vehicle with her in my arms. Since there wasn't enough space for her, she stayed in my arms. I didn't want any interest in her as she was going to be the new house slave. Driving over a bump, her hair that was covering her face fell. I took the mistake to look at her. I sucked in my breathe quietly as I studied her face. Her skin wasn't to dark or to light. It was a perfect color tone. Her hair showed how greasy it was but it was a pretty brown color. Her face structure was small. Her lips were a perfect pink. I quickly looked away from here and out the window but with her being in my arms, I felt like she belonged to me. The car pulled into the driveway of our house. My brother mate ran out first to get a room ready for the girl. "Leo bring her in here!" She said. I followed her  voice to her old room. I laid her down and stood back. "What are you doing?" Nisha asked me. "You can't be in here." She pushed me out of the room. Before the door even closed I got one more glance at her. Not knowing what to do with myself. I decided to lock myself in my room for the rest of the night.
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