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Hello I am honored to say that I am a Topp Dogg mod supporter. Thanks so much @MrsJungHoseok
Some facts about. I have never been to another country or anything I stayed in Florida my whole live but when I am able to I will get out of here and probably go to Korea or Japan with my two friends who are in love with Japan. I am pretty young I was born in 2003 yes yes maknae of every group I might be in. I am 5ft and 4in I weigh like 85lbs My middle name is Dawn along with my Aunt I live with my grandparents which kind of sucks because I can't order stuff offline because they don't feel safe doing things like that. My birthday is November 19th I am actually not sure who my UB is or my UB group some of you might know that Kim Jiwon (Bobby of iKON) was my UB but sadly people *cough* EXO, BTS, GOT7 *cough* missed up my list. Got7 Just Right was my first ever kpop song I heard it in the middle of summer in 2014 or 2015 I feel like it was 2015 so I am going with that. Then BIGBANG came and yea that's where my life ended My social media Instagram: Kaelishearer Snapchat: Kaelishearer1 KakaoTalk: yehetkpopqueen ENOUGH ABOUT ME time for who I am taking care of
I am taking care of Jeon HoJun or Hojoon Potter
My second member is Park SeHyuk or PGoon this little boy made me cry mentally once I saw him and I always did cry because of Hojoon.
I will try not to wreck your bias list with these to lovely men. But I am not making ANY promises. BO$$ES SQUAD: @pandaqueenbee @BBxGD @PriyaBala @amobigbang @MarrickeJ33
Same xD I can be mature but still can act like an idiot xD
😂😂 a lot of people think I'm older but inside I'm and like 5 but I can be serious at times
I thought you were older then me!!! xD I'm older then you by a year I was born in 2002!
you wreck my list... 😣😣😣 but it's okay 😂😂