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B*tch Face (art by sketchshark)

My mum has it, I'm afflicted by it. I have friends who eventually came clean and told me that my face is scary when I'm quiet. That my first impressions are that I'm a snob who thinks highly of herself. Maybe, yes, I'm asocial, a wallflower. But not sure if I'm a snob. People who got to know me better admitted how wrong they were. I relate well with Shizuku from Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun. It's hard to make friends. I tried. But some things I talk about does not interest most people. Some people are like distractions. Probably the reason people used to think that I'm a show off is due to my interests, my academic standing, and my preferred language to communicate in. I was let down so many times. Backstabbed, gossiped, hurt. Yet, it didn't matter in the end. Because little by little, people reminded me every day how I had helped them, how grateful they are to have met me, how much I matter. It's nice for once. That people can see past my scary face.