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Who: Reader x Byun Baekhyun What: Pain, Love Chapter 5 (This story is loosely based off of 2NE1's music video Go away. I kind of just needed to write it out cause it's in my head but I thought you guys might like it. so enjoy) Story: He was the love of your life until he broke up with you in the most humiliating way. You keep going on with your life trying to live with the pain of working with your ex-boyfriend at the race track and seeing his new girlfriend hanging on his arm. The more you see him the more destructive you become. Right now the only person that can keep you sane is your closest friend Jongdae.
Jongdae's POV He woke up with her in bed beside him, the sunlight in his face making him squint. He moved closer to her to see her sleeping face in peace. The short blonde hair being lit up by the sun was an amazing sight to see. Yesterday was different from what he had expected. He kissed her the night before to try and calm her down from crying, he blamed it on reflexes but the more he thought about it yesterday he really just wanted to kiss her. When she kissed him back, he was even more shocked but she was drunk and he didn't want to be the guy that took advantage of the drunk girl. He was able to coax her to bed with a little bit of sweet talk and then she was out like a light. He was furious with Baekhyun, that he could put his hands on her. No matter how angry he got there was no excuse. He didn't like that she started defending him either, he was a scum bag. He didn't want to live with him anymore. He just had to go with it for now till he found some time to properly look for a new place. Till then, he decided to do his best and ignore Baekhyun and avoid him as much as possible. When she woke up asking if they had done something they would regret he felt slightly disheartened, he understood she still loved Baekhyun but it was like she couldn't see how toxic he was. Baekhyun felt inferior because she was doing so well in her career and he wasn't but in just four days he'd broken her down so fast. Jongdae had never seen anyone get to her this bad, she had truly loved him. He didn't understand how she could still love him after being hit though. He wanted her to stay home so that she didn't see him, he wanted her to rest and sleep through her hangover but she had interviews so he had found a way to by her time. He thought she had fallen back to sleep when he apologized for kissing her but hearing her say that she wasn't sorry for it made him feel incredibly happy. Yesterday in the studio, Jongdae had sung with so much heart and soul that everyone listening to him could feel his words. Even his manager noticed the change in his voice and was highly impressed. Jongin had walked up to him and said, "Wow what sparked the change in your voice?" "I don't know I guess I just feel it more." "Hey you stayed over Y/N's place, did she and Baekhyun have some sort of altercation?" Jongdae took a second to think whether or not he should say anything and then tilted his head in silence to tell Jongin to head outside. He told the manager that he was going to take a break and lied saying his throat was hurting a bit. He walked out behind Jongin and they talked lowly to each other, "What happened?" Jongin questioned. "She got drunk again last night. He sent her a picture of him and that girl. So she got upset and went to our place to get the jacket she got him for his birthday back from him and I guess they argued a bit before he hit her." "He did WHAT!" Jongin said yelling the last half. Jongdae urged him to quiet down, "I can't talk to him or even think about it right now. Everytime I think about it, it makes me want to go find him and punch him." "Yeah I know how you feel. Damn I can't believe he'd do that. When we came home he had drank a bit himself but he completely trashed the living room. He wouldn't talk to us so I could only assume something went down with them. He seemed incredibly ashamed earlier today." "He should. Anyway I'm gonna call her and see if she's okay. Hopefully I'm not interrupting anything." Jongin nodded and walked back inside the studio. His conversation with Y/N had been brief. She sounded strange though, he thought she was drunk again, even though she said she wasn't, he wasn't too sure. He heard something that slightly sounded like a moan but she'd quickly finished her sentence so he didn't think anything of it. He couldn't wait to see her though, this feeling had been with him for a while now. He wondered when he actually started to fall in love with her. He always treated her like a friend and for a long time that's all she and been, his best friend. Somewhere along the line she became more than that, he never let it show and never thought of voicing it because she was so happy with Baekhyun but he had effectively ruined everything. He was worried that Baekhyun had ruined her, this was Y/N though, no matter how in love she was no matter how much pain that came she, of all people, could bounce back from this. He couldn't tell her that he loved her yet, it had been four days since they had broken up he would just be adding more information on her plate plus she had the big race coming up. Before she was excited but she let all this drama about the break up dishearten her. He knew she found freedom on the track but with Baekhyun working there with her he wasn't so sure she'd find it freeing anymore. He only asked her out to dinner so he could keep an eye one her. He could grab her phone if he texted her so that she wouldn't get pissed again. He had called Y/N later on after that to see where she had been or if she was free. She didn't answer. He left her alone for a few hours and called her again but still she didn't answer. He was starting to get a little worried, he headed to the house to rest up a bit and get changed for dinner when he saw Baekhyun making out with In Jung in the hall right next to his door. "Did you ever consider taking that into your room?" he said, annoyance leaving his breath. Baekhyun seemed to finally notice someone else was now in the house and pushed his girlfriend into the room but not without retorting, "You still live here? I thought you'd be out fucking my girl at her place." "She's not you're girl anymore that would be the slut you were just slobbering on." he said getting further annoyed. "She didn't seem to have any complaints when I was eating her out today. I remember she was on the phone with you too. Did you hear her moan for me? She's such a good girl isn't she, does she make the same sounds with you?" "No, she sounds like she actually enjoys it when she's with me." He shot back with a cocky smile. That was enough to shut him up and Baekhyun turned to walk into his room slamming the door behind him. Why did she let him touch her? He slapped her for goodness sakes she couldn't be that stupid. No, it wasn't stupidity that allowed her to let him touch her. He was familiar to her, he was her first in everything, she probably would've caved under his touch because she still loved him. He hated that, he shouldn't be allowed to mess with her this way but he was, he was getting to her quick. He walked back to his room to take a shower all the while passing the high moans of Baekhyun's new girlfriend. He tried to call Y/N's phone again. He missed hearing her voice and he was wondering why she wasn't answering. Even when she was drunk she'd answer her phone. He took a shower anyway and decided to go by her place first. He was wondering what could've happened to make her stop answering him. Was she avoiding him cause of what she did on the phone? He sighed to himself, he'd had a second to think about it and he didn't like that it happened but he wouldn't make an issue of it. It's not like she would know how that made him feel. When he got up to her driveway and saw the fire in the fire pit his worry calmed and he hopped out of the car making his way to her. He noticed that she cut her hair and dyed it blonde the shock on his face couldn't be more obvious. She looked a little self conscious when she thought he didn't like it but really she looked amazing with blonde hair. He loved her natural color of course but the blonde was so bright even at night it was pretty. He couldn't help but touch it. She explained to him that she was burning everything that attached her to him, she was done with him. She didn't want to be the pathetic girl drowning herself in sorrows while her ex was just moving on. What ever he'd done after they had spent sometime together Jongdae knew Baekhyun had officially lost her. Four days it took to get her to the point where she was done with his bullshit. Her feelings of love would linger inside her, he knew that but it was clear: no matter what, she was not going back to him. That made him happy. She claimed the last thing she needed to get rid of was the jacket she was pulling from around her shoulders. This jacket everyone knew Baekhyun loved, it was what she got him for his birthday and she had clung to it even as he lifted her up off the ground of their driveway the night he'd slapped her. She opened her phone to read a text he'd sent her and Jongdae had peeked to see what it said. A mocking caption to a picture of him screwing his new girl. He was immediately disgusted that he could do such a thing to her. The urge to leave and kick his ass was building up more and more inside him but he heard her chuckle, she had typed something quick but before he could see what it was she kissed him. He couldn't help but pull her closer at the sweet sensation of her lips on his and when he heard the snap of her phones camera he realized what she was doing. He didn't have a problem with it though he figured Baekhyun deserved to suffer. She then threw his jacket into the flames and they both watched as it burned. She took one last photo of it burning and sent it to him and then tossed her phone into the flames. It was like she'd found some relief from her pain. He was impressed by her ability to rid herself of him. "I'm so proud of you." he couldn't help but voice. She seemed a little happy to hear that but then she started looking him deep in the eyes. Taking in all his features, that gaze was making him weak. He liked the way she looked at him intensely. When she asked for a favor, he was able to relax himself. The looks she was giving him without talking had made his heart race. Then she said the last thing he expected her to say, "Will you sleep with me tonight?" "Y/N." he said a little shocked. "I feel like no matter how much I scrub at my skin it won't erase that he touched me. I need you to erase him, burn his touch off of me." "Are you sure?" She had only nodded but that was enough for him. He had to put out her fire first before anything would start but once he'd come back from getting water and putting out the fire he couldn't help but feel slightly excited to know he could have her. When she grabbed his hand, he had to immediately pull her close; he wanted to take his time and savor the moment. His hand slowly wrapping around her waist, feeling her slight shiver turned him on. He wanted to touch her cheek but the bruise was still there, it looked like it would heal up by tomorrow. He leaned in telling her, "You'll have to tell me what you want." He ,himself, couldn't wait to put his lips back on hers so before she could even speak he pressed his lips to hers. He let his tongue graze her bottom lip to ask for access and she complied. Once he got her in the house he didn't want to waste time. He wanted to savor touching her but he also needed her out of those clothes. He laid her on the bed and removed his own shirt while she went to unbutton her pants. He slapped her hands away, "You just let me take care of you." he said. She nodded and let him climb on top of her, his hands gliding slowly up her shirt and then pulling it over her head. Her hands fell to his bare shoulders and he marveled at the sight of her bare skin below his. His lips moved from her stomach up her body, slowly to send a tingling sensation through her. Jongdae had plenty of girlfriends in the past and he's gained a little more experience in the bedroom with each one of them. All of them; however, would've hated how slow he was going. She didn't seem to mind it, he had made his way to her neck giving it a wet kiss, his tongue leaving a cold trail between the crook of her neck. He heard her little sighs and moans with each kiss he planted on her body, "Tell me what you want babe." he whispered against her neck. As he began to kiss her neck again, she was too busy releasing moans to say what she wanted. She grabbed his hand that was resting on her bra instead and pushed it under the fabric. His fingers immediately began to pinch and twist at her sensitive nipple and she released a whimper of pleasure. He moved his other hand behind her back and unhooked her bra, pulling it off and tossing it aside with little patience. His other hand gripped her other breast and he fondled them a bit, squeezing and messaging before he allowed his mouth to cover one and suck. Her back began to arch and she let out another moan this one slightly louder than the ones before. "Ah-Jongdae." she called his name in pleasure He released his own small moans against her breast loving the taste. His tongue trialed back and forth meeting one nipple and then the other. His heart was pounding and she had nothing but lust in her eyes; she looked at him through slightly parted eyes, her face slightly flushed from what seemed like embarrassment for a moment. She grabbed his hand and placed it by the opening of her pants, "Don't stop." she begged. He had pulled back to admire her face and didn't realize it until she did that. He looked down at where she placed his hands; he looked up at her, she was blushing hard, her body heated. She wanted him just as much as he wanted her. He unbuttoned her pants and pulled them off quickly leaving her underwear on. His finger playing with the trim that lay against her waist. "You have a beautiful body." "Chen. Stop playing please." she begged. He chuckled, "Well then tell me what you want pabo. Other wise I won't know what to do." "Why are you teasing me?" He smiled at the innocent face she made noting her need to have him touch her. "Because you're to cute not to tease Y/N." His finger pulled back her panty line and let it snap back onto her skin making her squeal, more at the sound and sudden action than because it hurt. He leaned over and caught her lips kissing her roughly this time. His body was supported by his elbow he had placed by her head while his fingers pushed her panties to the side, he lifted his head to watch her reaction when he'd pushed two fingers inside her. He let his fingers move in the most torturing slow pace ever. She looked like she was about to cry from needing him so bad and not getting exactly what she wanted. "Faster." she begged. He smiled and dipped his head down to kiss her jawline. "As you wish." His fingers moved faster in and out of her. He was happy to hear the sweet moans she cried out in pleasure. "Jongdae- I need you." "I know baby but you have to wait a little longer." Jongdae whispered before biting the bottom of her ear. He placed his hand against her clit and teased it while he continued kissing her neck. She wrapped her arms around him pulling his closer to her body. The flesh on flesh contact aroused them both further before he heard her say, "Jongdae- I'm close." He quickly pulled his fingers away making her gasp from the emptiness. "You're so beautiful." he whispered. She lifted herself up on her elbows to look at him now taking off his pants. She seemed to get a little embarrassed and turned her head from him. He laughed and grabbed her hands to pin them down to the bed. "Say it again." "Say what?" she looked at him in amazement. "Say you need me." "I need you Jongdae." "Come on you have to do better than that. I told you to tell me what you want. So tell me babe." She blushed again making his smile even bigger. He wanted to see her like this all the time. He loved how innocent she looked despite the fact that this wasn't her first time. Based off the sounds he heard over the phone compared to the ones she was making now she sounded unashamed. She was embarrassed though, "I need you inside me." she said biting her lip at the end. He let go of her hands and aligned himself with her, easing in slowly. She bit the back of her finger while her chest raised with her slowly inhale. He moved in a little deeper and stopped when he felt her hand grab his arm and heard her gasp, "Jongdae!" "Geeze Y/N you're acting like this is your first time." "Sorry you're just-" "What?" She didn't want to say it so he kissed her and pushed in a bit further. She squealed into his mouth gripping his arm tighter. He pulled back and whispered against her, "I'm what?" "You're bigger than him." His eyes widened and she hid her face with her arms. "Shit, I don't think I can behave now." He pushed in deeper till he was completely inside her. He had taken his time now he could move a little more. He started thrusting at even pace, she grabbed at his back moaning his name against him. Each time she called his name he felt himself getting closer. "Damn it you feel so good." he said in a slight growl. He started moving faster, slamming his body into hers making her grip tighter on his back. He cursed again, calling her name in the most lust filled way. It felt like she was gripping him tighter to make him stay inside her. He put his hand between them rubbing fast circles on her clit. "Jongdae, I'm gonna cum." she said through her heavy panting. "Do it baby." It didn't take long for her to lose herself, her walls tightening around him and amazingly bringing him to his climax at the same time, "I love you." He said falling on top of her. He realized what he said and looked up at her. Tears were at the brim of her eyes, her hand was in his hair. "I love you too." He kissed her quick and hard, letting his hand reach for the back of her head and bring her in closer. He couldn't contain himself, she said she loved him too. Four days, four days of hell was all it took to get here. Now the fifth day had come and as he stared down at her sleeping form he couldn't help but want to hold onto her more. She began to stir, her eyes opening to see him in front of her, her blank expression turned into a smile so big her eyes even smiled, "Chenie Chen Chen!" "Good morning Pabo." Y/N's POV You were slightly awake now and you could feel something moving the bed. The covers shifted a bit on your arm prompting you to open your eyes. When you saw his face you couldn't help but smile. "Chenie Chen Chen." "Good morning Pabo." You stuck your tongue out at him and started to sit up to stretch. You had seen you were still naked and by instinct you pulled the covers up to cover your bare chest. "Little too late for that don't you think." Jongdae said. You slapped his abs with a laugh, then looked at the clock. It was still early, you looked to Jongdae and said, "I should get ready. I want to get on the track and practice before everyone gets there." "Want me to go with you?" "No, I'll be fine. Will you come visit me for lunch though?" you said. He cupped your cheek, your hair sticking to your face while he leaned and said, "I'm surprised you have to ask such a question." He kissed your forehead and you smiled back at him. "Did I burn his touch off of you?" he asked. You smiled and leaned back into him saying against his lips. "I may need another round just to be sure." "I won't be so nice this time." "You call what you did last night nice? I was dying cause you were moving so slow." "I told you to tell me what you wanted. You should've spoke up." he said wrapping an arm around your neck and flipping on top of you making you laugh. After you two finished your session of love making, Jongdae called up Chanyeol to ask if Baekhyun was at the house. He was surprised to hear that Baekhyun hadn't been at the house all night. He wasn't answering anyone's phone calls. You heard him ask if he'd seen you because you hadn't answered your phone either. Jongdae assured them you were fine and you mouthed to him to tell Chanyeol you got a new number. He seemed to settle down afterwards but you heard him tell Jongdae that you better give him your new number. You gave Jongdae one last kiss before he left your room so he could head home and get changed for work. You jumped into the shower seeing the left over hickeys on your neck. You were smiling hard about it. You actually ended up sleeping with Jongdae. You had heard him say he loved you somehow everything felt so much better now. You headed into the track and it looked like no one had shown up yet. You had texted Chanyeol and Jongin your new number now that your new phone had officially been activated. You changed in your racing suit but you still had the top down around your waist because it was kind of stuffy in the locker rooms. You were headed out of the locker room when you were suddenly pushed into the wall. An arm crossed your throat while a hand held onto your waist and a body had pushed all its weight against you. The impact to the wall made you wince in pain before you opened your eyes to a furious red faced Baekhyun, "You fucking bitch, I fucking hate you."
Alright I'm going to finish up 'The Kingdoms' and then come right back to this I hope I left you on the edge of your seat with this chapter. after these two stories I'll be dropping a one shot and a separate story with Junmyeon because I promised @Queenlee I would. Super excited for the one shot cant wait. Thanks for reading! Tag list: @kpossible4250 @jaysbae13 @princess2425 @Tiffany1922 @Anna5221 @VKookie47 @elishafisher @griseldazenger @Alyessiazavala @Parktaemi @sarahdawish @JaxomB @Queenlee @JessicaEvaristo @emilycayetano @herosbells
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