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Real Name: Kim Donghyuck Stage Name: Haechan Nickname: Dongsookie Position: Visual & Vocalist DOB: June 6, 2000 Hometown: Jeju, South Korea Zodiac Sign: Gemini Height: 171CM Blood Type: AB. - specializes in dance. - appeared on the Mickey Mouse Club TV show alongside his fellow, young SMROOKIES. - appeared on EXO 90: 2014 alongside Jeno, Jisung, Mark, and Jaemin for the season’s 9th episode & also appeared on the 10th episode, but only with Jisung and Jaemin. for those who haven't seen my last card NCT 127 will be debuting with Japanese, Chinese and korean members! I'm super excited to see who else will be in this lovely sub group.. Also NCT-U aka my loves will have their comeback next week so basically nct is gonna kill us

Haechan dressed as an adorable girl.....yup can already tell he's gonna be one of my faves lol