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Are you a Jooheon fan? Kuku-kakas needed!!😣

Omo!!! So my evil...I mean my habeebti @VatcheeAfandi99 (Monsta x mod) is doing a "friendly" competition between us! \ㅠ_ㅠ/ This is what I'm talking about here. And us supporters need to create a beautiful my case of Joohoneys to win. AND I DESPERATELY NEED YOUR HELP!!! Kuku-kakas needed!
I heard he has the least fans and that makes me sad. However if you love him (like me) join my team of Joohoneys. All you have to do is comment below: I kuku-kaka to join my team.


You have Friday, Saturday and Sunday to apply with me. :D Together we can do anything!!! In this case come in the top 3 at least from the other team members!
@resavalencia @Miichi @twistedPuppy @mszmarclyne93 Yay!!!! you ladies are the best...must find more recruits!! lol :D
OMG YOUR DOING HIM YASSSSSS!! and I'm already helping you hehe let's do this
Love him!!! I'm all in for this... sorry. couldn't help it. 😉
HERE I AM!! 🙌 😎 You need help spreading JooHeon love to all of Vingle? I shall help you.
You know I got your back love plus he is adorable
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