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Hello everyone! I'm so honored and excited to be part of the Topp Dogg Mod Support for our lovely Topp Dogg Moderator @MrsJungHoseok! I'm going to introduce myself to those who don't know me and tell you my role in this team.
(Ew.) Thats me. So the basics... My name is Brittany. I am 22 years old and I live in Florida. (I REALLY hate summer.) My hobbies are pretty much just Kpop. And reading. I absolutely LOVE to read. I also really enjoy singing although I could never do it publically.
I've been into Kpop for 3 years come August. SHINee was the group that pulled me in and "Lucifer" was the song. And it escalated from there. My top 5 groups are Topp Dogg, Day6, VIXX, Seventeen, and KNK but I am multifandom to the extreme. My dedication to my UB group is always first though. That being said, Topp Dogg grabbed me up so fast about a year and a half ago and it didn't take long for them to completely absorb my soul. Xero was quick to win my heart and he's become my UB. And now for the members I will be loving, sharing, and dedicating a whole day to.
First is my love, Shin Ji Ho.
And my other lovely I'll be sharing is Kim Hansol! He's so multitalented and beautiful. I'm so jealous. XD
Well that's all for now everyone. Please look forward to this quarter! I'm totally excited and a bit scared but I want Topp Dogg to get all the love they deserve!

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@XergaB20 yay! And you hush ! You look so cute in the picture. 馃槝
@QueenLee I love Boys Republic BTW! Get down blew me away.
@QueenLee Thank you! AND I SAW! CONGRATULATIONS!! And yes I do know how you feel about him. And I still can't make any promises. XD And if I could write worth a crap I'd have 100 of one shots and fics.
everytime i see hansol i thonk "td boys not tity boys" then atom going te-de te-de in the background lol
@XergaB20 ooohhh kk
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