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Here is how you play, in the pictures it will give you the name of a character and you will kiss, marry, or kill that character and why. (let me know in the comments below) First let's start with the ladies
I would kill Misa and Annie Misa because she is annoying and Annie because she did VERY VERY VERY bad things (killed lots of people) the rest, well, a kiss would be fine I guess
Now the gentlemen!!!!
Rin: knows how to cook has daddy issues (his Father is satan) but then again knows how to cook sooo I would marry him L: Well I won't kill him, I don't think we would work as a married couple sooooo kiss him Light: hot psychopath that want to become god hhmmmmmm Kill him Eren: he is like a bomb that can explode at any moment so I won't marry him. I can't kill him, Mikasa would kill me. I guess I would kiss him (with out letting Mikasa know) Levi: Short, cute, savage, sassy, Badass, cleaning freak...... MARRY THE SH!T OUT OF HIM, WHO CARE IF HE IS 30 OR 40 IF HE IS THAT AGE SO AM I! plus he can protect me (as long as he can cause lets be honest Imma die there)
If you would like to see the original quiz I left it here https://www.quotev.com/quiz/7962091/Kiss-Marry-or-Kill-ANIME THANK YOU!!!
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@nimm14 yeah...... this fandom really has problems
@Mikazuki1 indeed
@nimm14 But oh well, everyone has their flaws😂😂
Mm... I'll only do three since it's marry kiss one, marry one, and kill one so... I would kiss Sinon, for even with her tough girl act, I would want to passionately kiss her and bring out her tenderness, but then it's only a kiss, how did it end up like this it was only a kiss lol (The Killers) I would marry Ryuko Matoi. For one she's bad ass, kicks a lot of ass, she could totally protect me, and most of all, role playing would be fantastic.😂 And lastly, I would kill... I guess Annie. If she was meant to die, she was meant to die.
I'd kill Asuna And I haven't seen any anime with the guys to properly judge who I'd marry/kiss, the only one I know a lot about is Eren but I don't think I'd kiss/marry him...