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Pairing: Bobby/Reader Genre: Smut (Warning! Mature Content) Summary: You belonged to Bobby and no one else.
You giggled as you clinked your shot glass against two others, both of which were being held by some cute young civilian guys you had just met. The guys had hit up a bar in celebration after their latest concert. Bobby had called you asking to meet them out, and while they were at the bar grabbing another round and negotiating our bar tab, two guys in the bar had come over to chat with you. They were sweet, cute in a boy-next-door kind of way, and when they offered you their extra shot, well, it would have been rude to say no, wouldn’t it? Besides, Bobby had been gone way too long, and had apparently forgotten how a freaking phone works, so while you were ecstatic that he was back and knew he would eventually make his absence up to you, it wouldn’t hurt to bait him a little. Your boyfriend was fucking sexy, no two ways about it.  But you weren’t lacking for company either, if you really wanted it. And while you loved Bobby’s goofy swagger, it never hurt to remind him that you weren’t just some cheap piece of ass just waiting on him barefoot in the kitchen to come home after every concert. It’s been almost a year that you've been together, and it’s time for him to realize what he’s got. You traded grins with your adorable new friends and threw back your shot. Not thirty seconds later, you felt a strong hand clamp around the back of your neck. Bobby’s voice was a low growl in my ear. “Home. With me. Now.” ***** “Bobby.” Your voice came out as a breathy plea. You saw him shiver as your breath tingled against his ear, his cheek bent close to your. You gave the twisted up shirt that was keeping your wrists captive behind your back another useless tug. “I’m sorry, baby. I missed you so much.”  Still fully clothed, Bobby raised himself to his full height, standing between your legs. He looked down on you. “Missed you too. But I don’t believe you.” You craned your neck to look up at him. Upon entering your shared motel room, he hadn’t said a word. He had shoved you up against the door the second it had closed behind you, his lips slamming into yours and his tongue seeking its way into your mouth without even waiting for you to grant access. His kiss was hot and possessive, and sent a shot of warmth straight down to your belly. And lower. You thrust your hips against his but he backed away immediately. “On the bed. Legs hanging off. Spread.” You did as he commanded without hesitation. You sat on the edge of his bed, your shirt tightly twisted around your hands. His fingers undid the button of your jeans and slid your zipper down. Two quick tugs and the garment had disappeared from my body, thrown across the floor.  You laid in front of him in just your bra and panties, your legs held apart enough for Bobby to stand in between. His hand cupped your chin, lifting your face towards his. “What the hell did you think you were doing baby?” You yanked your head away. “I was just having some fun.” You fixed your gaze on the bed, a little thrill shooting through you when he forced your gaze back to his once more. Bobby stepped closer, the rough denim of his black skinny jeans scraping your bare thighs. “I don’t think so.” The low rumble of his voice went straight to your panties. “Looked like you were flirting.” One of his hands fisted in your hair, yanking your head back. “With someone other than me.” “I-" You didn’t even have time to get two words out. His fingers tightened in your hair. “Not just someone. Two someones.” He ran the fingers of his other hand down your cheek, across your lips. He traced your lips with one finger, then added one more. “That what you want, baby? Am I not good enough for you?” Bobby jerked your head back, his teeth scraping your throat. “You need a stranger to give you what I can’t?” You whimpered. “Of course not.” “Of course not, what.” “Of course not, Bobby.” You knew he loved when you said his name, especially as a plea. An oath. A prayer. “Because seeing them smile at you, seeing the one almost touch you…” He growled and sank his teeth into your left shoulder, letting you feel the sting before soothing it with his tongue. His fingers dug into your bra strap, yanking it down and off your shoulder. "It made me so angry baby.” The other hand released its grip on your hair and slid down your skin to the other strap. His mouth followed the skin he bared by sliding down your other strap. “I don’t like it when you make me mad.” Your skin sizzled where he touched it, kissed it, whispered against it. “I’m sorry, Bobby.” He stood again, his brown eyes staring you down. “Not good enough.” You leaned forward, nuzzling his belly, kissing him through the fabric of his shirt. “I’m sorry, Bobby.” You said again. Your boyfriend took a step back, denying you access to his beautiful body. He reached up and behind him, slowly removing off his shirt.  “I’m gonna let you spend all night convincing me of that.” Your mouth watered at seeing him in just jeans, his golden chain hanging around his neck. He saw where your eyes locked and grinned. He traced your jawline with one finger, his touch so light you weren't even sure if he actually just did it. “Course, if I’m not enough for you, if two is more your thing, I could always give B.I a call. Let you show him how good you can be too.” You whimpered. “” Bobby chuckled, the sound ominous. “Oh yeah. Gonna have to keep that in mind for later.” His hands went to the fastening of his jeans. He popped the button open, drew his zipper down carefully around his hardened flesh, naked beneath the denim, and stepped toward you again. “But for now, I’ll need that apology.”  He ran his hand through your hair once more, pulling you towards him. He kicked his jeans away in one sexy smooth motion. Stroking himself once, twice, his hand fell away as he positioned himself an inch from your lips. His voice was low and commanding. “Suck me.” A noise escaped your throat as you leaned forward, your eyes focused on his and your lips wrapping around the tip of his member. He looked down at you, eyes dark and dangerous as you sank lower on his dick, the hard length of him filling your mouth. Bobby tightened his grip on your hair, slightly pulling you forward. “Fuck, baby, yes.” The rumble of his voice spurred you on, and you took him all the way into your mouth so he brushed the back of your throat. “Good girl,” he praised, his voice starting to shake. His fingers curled around the strands of your hair, his hips thrusting against your lips, pushing himself in and out of you. “You like that, baby. You like sucking my cock, swallowing me down, showing me how good you can take it.” You hummed around his cock, the vibrations making him drive his hips faster. He pulls your hair harder until he ripped away from my mouth in one quick jerk. “Don’t wanna come yet,” he grunted. “You don’t get to see me come yet.” He shoved you back onto the bed, pushing your knees apart as he lowered himself onto the floor in between them. He licked a hot stripe up the silk of your panties, his breath hot against your sensitive skin. “Bobby,” You whined. “Again. Please.” He licked along your skin again, then turned his head and gently sank his teeth into your thigh. “Please, what.” His mouth moved further down your leg. Bastard. He knew what you wanted. You shook your head back and forth against the sheets, wishing you had use of your arms to pull his head back towards your center. “Bobby, please, lick me again, wanna feel your mouth, please.” His hand sliced through the air, swiftly smacking your hip and the side of your butt. “You misbehaved tonight, baby. You don’t get to ask for anything.” You bit your lip to keep more words from spilling out. You wrapped your legs around his back and locked your ankles, pulling his upper body further in between your legs. You heard him chuckle seconds before you felt his delicious hot mouth again. “Smooth move baby.” He still wouldn’t take your panties off or move the fabric aside. “But I wanna hear you beg. I want to make sure you know who takes care of you.” You could have pleaded, begged for his hands, his mouth, his cock, anything in that very moment, but something about Bobby made you want to test the limits and see just how far you could push him. You knew about his past before he met you; he couldn’t seriously expect you not to need male attention, especially when he disappeared for days and weeks at a time. You stayed silent. The crack of his hand against the side of your butt again drew a pained moan from your lips, and heat rushed to your core even as you silently wished for him to do it again. One strong arm rapidly turned you onto your side, and his hand came down on your ass again, his calloused fingers catching on the silk of your panties. “Beg for me, baby. Or I walk out of this room right now.” Smack. “Bobby!” You shouted his name as his hand cracked against your skin once more. “Bobby, please, please put your mouth on me, need to feel your mouth on me.” His hand gently rubbed your butt, both arms snaking underneath your thighs to raise your hips to his mouth. He breathed warm wet heat against your skin. “More,” he demanded. His fingers snuck underneath your panties to shove them aside as his plush lips finally brushed against your. “Bobby, yes, there, more, please, please.” Bobby squeezed your thighs and hips in his huge hands and finally sank his tongue in between your folds, licking up and down your clit in smooth, swift motions. His thumbs spread you apart to allow his mouth even deeper access, and you felt his tongue dip inside you ever so slightly. “Bobby!” You screamed. “There, yes, again,” you begged. “Who makes you crazy, baby?” He rumbled against you. Your thighs clamped around his head as his voice vibrated into your heat. “Only you,” You whispered. His tongue entered you again before rapidly licking up and down once more. “Who takes care of you?” “You, Bobby,” You cried out. “Just you, please, enough, get up here and…” your voice faded away, even in your ecstasy too shy to finish. He stroked you with his finger, sliding two digits inside you as he licked around them. “What was that?” Your hips bucked up into his hand. Bobby's fingers crooked inside you and drew out again. “What do you want, Y/N?” He kissed his way up your stomach, your breasts, his lips latching onto your nipple and moving across your skin as he said, “You want these?” He pressed his fingers in deeper, his teeth raking across your chest. Tired of his teasing, you wrangled your way out of the tee shirt he had restricted you in and grabbed his head, yanking his mouth towards yours. Forgetting yourself, you groaned. “You know what I want, now, stop fucking teasing me!” His fingers stilled. His mouth disappeared from your skin, and you almost cried at the loss of the heat of his body. He drew himself up to his full height, hard, muscled body gloriously naked, and looked down at you. “Teasing?” Bobby grabbed the lace of your panties in both hands, ripping the delicate fabric in two and tossing the pieces aside. He gripped your thighs, fingers digging into your hips. “You think I’m a tease?” He yanked you up and off the bed, holding you against his body as your legs instinctively wrapped around his hips. He slammed you against the wall of your bedroom, his hand smacking the side of your ass once more. “Don’t ever, ever, let me see you coming onto another man ever again.” Bobby kissed you roughly, your lips crashing together in desperation. He grabbed your hand and guided it down to his rock hard member. “Feel that. Feel what you do to me?” His teeth raked across your neck. “You're not doing that to anyone else, ever.” “No, never,” You tipped your head back, basking in the feeling of his mouth against your skin, his hips pinning you to the wall. “No one else. Just you. I promise.” He moved your joined hands up and down his cock, once, twice, three times before lining himself up against you. “Who do you belong to?” He rasped. “You, Bobby. Just you.” You pushed your hips forward, desperate to feel him inside you. He slowly slid inside you, only an inch of his hardened flesh entering you. “Tell me.” “Bobby,” you begged. “Please, I want you. Need you. Need more of you, filling me, taking me, claiming me, please, Bobby, please.” Bobby emitted a low growl and thrust all the way inside, slamming you against the wall. “Yeah, fuck. That’s it.” He drew back out and slammed into you again leaving you gasping for air. “Just me.” “Just you.” you agreed, your mouth seeking his. The kiss was fast, open, wet as his hips started pulsing into you in a steady rhythm. “Never wanted them. Only wanted you.” You rocked your hips against him as you raked your hands up and down his sweaty back, feeling the muscles dance and bunch underneath your fingers as he thrust into you. His strokes picked up, his hips driving against your in a furious rhythm. The pressure hit youbjust right, making you cry out. “Yes, Bobby, there, right there, don’t stop, please don’t stop, gonna come, gonna-" Your head fell back, banging against the wall but you felt nothing except the pulse of Bobby’s body grinding into you. “Not gonna stop, baby. That’s it. Come for me, come for me Y/N. Let me feel you come all over my cock.” Bobby didn’t let up his filthy, loving string of words and with a few more quick thrusts you felt the pleasure wash over you, your body vibrating and pulsing around his dick as the waves of your orgasm took over your body. “Come baby, come with me.” He groaned in your ear, his mouth hot and wet against your skin as his thrusts become more stuttered and erratic as he came inside you, his hips jerking as he spilled inside your body. His grip strengthened under your thighs just long enough to throw you onto the bed, his body collapsing next to yours on the soft sheets. “Damn,” he grunted. He ran a hand along your hip, caressing your butt where you were sure your skin would be aching the next morning. Not that you cared. You cupped his face in your hands, knowing he would need the reassurance. “Bobby.” you kissed his closed eyes, his cheek, the side of his mouth. “I love you and no one else.” His hand fumbled along the bed until it reached up to find one of yours. He locked both of your fingers together. “I know, baby. I love you too.”  He pulled your body snug against him, both of you needing the security as you both drifted off into an exhausted sleep.
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