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Plot: "No Contact, No Waving, don't even speak to them" Your a back up dancer for JYP and given the strict rules, you know fraternizing with artist was forbidden. But what happens when that contact is made with you? Genre: Angst
"No eye contact. No waving. Do not speak unless spoken to. Nothing.... Actually, just don't make any contact with them" the words resonated loudly throughout the practice room. Ah, so this is what it was like. When you were offered up the opportunity to become a backup dancer for some of your favorite idols, how could you possibly turn it down? It'd be a dream come true. But it was even your first day that you realized, it wouldn't be so hunky-dory. "No contact. At all. You are here to dance, not socialize, especially with artists" the director emphasized, "Your job here is to provide just that, back up dancing. You are not to outshine any of the artist, nor are you allowed to steal any sort of spotlight that draws attention away from them. Do I make myself clear?" "Yes" you all answered robotically. And that's how you got yourself here. Your dancing was phenomenal, but it was too sexy and too eye-catching to be a backup dancer for female idols. So now you were stuck here, dancing with the other guys, in baggy unappealing clothes-because yet again, another part of you was alluring to be a background dancer. Your body. You understood where they were coming from though, you are but just a backup dancer, you shouldn't be stealing the spotlight away from idols who worked through tears, sweat, and blood to get where they are now. But it just seemed unfair. You and your cohort of male hip-hop dancers slaved away at a new routine, getting it perfect before you were to rehearse with artist later that day. You were ordered a 5 minute break and you excused yourself to grab something from the vending machine. You contemplated removing your hoodie but you were only wearing a sports bra underneath. Your sweat was intense and your forehead was drenched. It's fine, you figured, no one's even around especially in the backup dancers hall. You took it off and tied it around your waist. You trotted over to the vending machine and punched in the numbers for a water bottle and crackers. You took your snacks and straightened up to head back, but not before colliding with the person walking down the hall. "I'm sorry, I'm-" you began but stopped as you made firm, intimidating eye contact with the infamous Im Jaebum.
Im Jaebum, Got7's leader, was known for his undeniable good looks but also for the serious intimidating aura he gave off. He was the one person you vowed to stay away from. He seemed like the type that would snitch you out to the director if you were caught trying to make contact. You snapped your mouth shut as he just stared down at you. You bowed quickly and apologized once more before running back to practice room. He was good looking, indeed. But the aura he exuded was terrifying. You remembered to put your jacket back on as you entered and set your stuff aside as the idols were to come in. You all formed a line against the back, waiting to see who's gruesome choreography you were slaving away at for the past 1 month. You felt a nudge at your side as one of your male friends, pointed out your untied shoelace. You knelt over and tied it, looking up as you saw a series of feet enter the room. You stood up immediately and stared ahead. Suddenly something caught your eye and your eye widened in a slight shock. There he was again..... "Come and get it! Got7. Annyeonghegeseyo Got7-imnida" the 7 boys' chant echoed through the room. Im Jaebum. "Firstly we'd like to thank you all for your hard work, we've heard that you all have been working hard. As have we. The JYP Nation Concert is in just two week, so we must perfect our synchronization" "Yes!" all the dancers agreed in unison. Each member was glancing around taking in all the faces. You tried to keep your gaze affixed on something, but if you were to look down they might find it disrespectful. As you struggle to to focus on something, you caught his gaze. A corner of his mouth twitches upwards as he stared right at you. He smirked before sticking his hands in his pockets, "Let's get to it then" he turned and face the mirror.
You hadn't realized it but your breathing had hitched in your throat. You took a deep breath and moved with the choreography your body was forced to memorize this past month. You moved without fail, and you could even spot Jaebum staring at you through the mirror. You zipped your hoodie up all the way, making sure to maintain professionalism. You had to stop practice a couple times whenever one of the Got7 members messed up, but that was that, your job was not to fuck up. They could do whatever they want, the could deal with their own leader. Practice felt like it went for a year but after a few hours it was finally over. You stayed behind to pack up your things as everyone else quickly left. "Why is there a women amongst the dancers?" You heard a familiar voice speak to one of your fellow dancers. "She's good. And she can't dance for female idols, she steals the attention" he chuckle, but it was merely a chuckle of one, "Is there a problem?" He asked Jaebum. Jaebum hesitated for a moment and didn't say anything before sharply inhaling and exhaling, " Not at all" "Alright, I'll see you hyung. Bye Y/N" your friend left the room. You were packing up your stuff when you felt an ominous presence behind you. You turned slightly and looked at Jaebum staring at you. You knew you couldn't say something unless he said something to you, so you turned back and zipped up your bag. You stood up and slung your bag over your shoulder, walking away. "What's your name?" He asked you. "Y/N" you stopped in your tracks. "Y/N..." He muttered "You work hard at practice. Good job" he said casually "Thank you" you answered politely, ready to get on your way. "Just..don't prove to be a distraction later on" he replied. "Distraction?For who?" You asked a but rudely, but it had just bothered you that so many times you had to be moved because you were 'distracting'. He looked at you, unfazed, "The Audience. The members" he took a few steps forward, "Maybe me, You're interesting" he broke into a smile. You clicked your teeth. Of course he has an ego. "Don't worry about me, I'll try to blend in as much as possible" you sneered before walking off. He didn't know why nor how it could be, but he extreme interest in you. And that fact you didn't care who he was or what he did, that made you even more desirable. And this was just the begging.
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