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"I didn't want to wake you if you were still asleep," the text read, "I'll call you later tonight when I can be alone with you" She crawled out of bed, it was late afternoon but she didn't care. She wasn't due back into work for a couple more days. It was getting dark and she figured he wouldn't call until late. So she made some phone calls, she even tried to read a book but found she couldn't concentrate. Her thoughts were of him, the way he smiled, the way he moved, his beautiful face, his eyes, his mouth, how he kept looking at her when she wasn't looking, and she wondered how could she fall so hard, so fast. There's something about him that makes her move toward him. She wants to pull away from him but something keeps pushing her to him. She kinda hopes this is just a passing thing, just a crush that needs to be played out. But her heart was aching for him, to be near him. As she was straightening her bed, his jacket was still lying on the floor. She picked it up. To her surprise, she smiled at it, smelled it. His scent was in it, she breathed it in deep, making the butterflies flutter like crazy. A laugh escaped as she realized what she was doing, what she was feeling. She shook her head, thinking how silly she must look. She hung it over the couch. For the rest of the night, she buried herself in homework, housework, and whatever else she could do to keep her mind off him. Her phone rang. She eyed it from the kitchen. The ringtone was one of his songs, she could hear him rapping. It stopped. Then it started ringing again. She quickly turned the stove off and bolted for it. "Hello" "What were you doing? Why did it take you so long?" the voice on the other end whined, "You weren't asleep, were you?" "I was making something to eat." "Noona, can I ask you something?" he asked, his voice sounding tired. "Yes, daesong, you can ask me a question." she giggled. "Ughhh, don't call me that." he hissed "What am I supposed to call you? Oppa?... ask your question before we argue about this." she said. "No, I want YOU to call me Oppa, no one else." he said quickly, hoping to end that argument before it starts. He breathed in deep, his heart beating hard, even though they have been intimate until now, he never actually made it official. "I want to ask you... Will you be mine? I know we have already crossed that line but I just want to make sure that you're mine. Mine alone and no one elses." It went quiet, every second she didn't answer caused him anxiety. He was about withdraw his question when he heard her answer. "Yes. I will be yours" she answered. She heard him howl, then she heard someone in the background yell at him to go to bed. They both laughed. "Noona... MY noona, I want to stay with you tonight but I have to wake up early. You understand, don't you." "I understand. I'm not gonna get in the way of your work. I'm not gonna bug you about not calling, okay? ... unless you want me to." she giggled, she whined playfully, "awww oppa why can't you stay up and talk to me. I missed you all day." She laughed. He shook his head, his grin bigger than anything. He actually liked hearing that, "Aish. Don't do that, you're going to make me want to stay with you." "Baby..." "Yes" he answered. He liked hearing her call him baby, he liked that even more than oppa. "Good night." she said softly, and whispered, "I miss you." Even though she couldn't see him, he blushed but he was tired, the activities from the day had finally caught up to him, "I miss you too, good night my noona."
Note: Hi everyone! Have been busy for the past week, I hate that. My mind is too occupied and the flow gets disrupted and I keep getting distracted by some great smut, lol. Kinda just writing. Great quote comes to mind, "Keep writing, no matter what, keep writing, even if you're at a stand still, keep writing." Hope everyone has a great 4th of July!! BBQ time, Wahoo!
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