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Which, inevitably, is the hardest part about learning a group. Because the way it works for me is that I find a boy OR girl who catches my eye in a music video, I learn personalities, and then ALL of them are my bias.

If you have the same bias problem as I do, well, I won't lie to you. ROMEO doesn't make it any easier on you. All SEVEN of these boys are unique and true to themselves, which means they're all so cute that you can't stand it.

BUT here are a few speculations on personality that I've gained of them since I've known them from debut and watched them grow up!


As the gif shows, he is the leader, but he acts more like a maknae. In fact, in a later video, they nominated him as the honorary maknae because he is so notorious for being a hassle. He has two sides almost; one that loves to take charge and be a front-runner, and one that loves to pull shoelaces and poke around at the others from backstage. REALLY, he's a good leader when the time demands, though, and he takes care of these boys and makes sure they always keep respectful to others. (He jokes with Milo a lot about speaking to him in honorifics!) Seunghwan is a frequent nagger and pesters the boys often (lovingly!!) during practice or around the dorms. He's like a mother hen, if you think about it.


This boy right here is my special snowflake. Don't tell my other sons, but he is my favorite. All jokes aside, this kid has PIPES. And he can use them well. He's got such a smooth, sweet voice, and his personality is out of this world. EVERYTHING he does, he does with a big smile and big heart. The other members nicknamed him the mood lifter and they nailed it. His smile cures all bad days and he loves to act silly, making these cute "angry bunny" impressions or just by cheesing the camera. Unfortunately, this boy has two left feet and no dancing bone in his body. If he doesn't hammer down the dance in a studio, he can't do it. But, he sure can sing!


Do NOT let his size fool you - this boy has energy double what you'd expect and the dance skills to match. Being the shortest in the group, you may not expect him to be able to rap, BUT he can! He and Seunghwan (leader baby!) are the rap duo in ROMEO and Milo is even in charge of the choreography most of the time. IN FACT, Milo was a part of a dance cover group before he was a member of ROMEO. He knows that he's short and he embraces it. He uses it to his advantage, too! The members may poke fun at him here and there, but at the end of the day they are there to piggyback him around or carry him wherever. Milo is also another big mood-lifter. He's a happy virus and he loves to laugh. The members don't usually fall for the hypnotic giggles of his, but we Juliets eat it up. I don't think you've seen sunshine until you've seen him smile.


This beaut here is part of the visual line in ROMEO and he's also got a nice voice to match! Oh, and don't let the aegyo fool you - he knows and practices kendo! Minsung knows he is beautiful but he is as least bit if graceful as his face would promise. He ruins cakes (accidentally, he butchered their special cake on a live V App episode) and is partial to being picked on by one of the maknaes, Hyunkyung. He's one of those types who has a quiet stage presence, one that is "too-cool-for-school" if you will, but off stage he totally sleeps with a teddy and loves to laugh.


WARNING: this gif is not Kyle at all, in fact, it makes me giggle. Of course it ACTUALLTY is him, but this is not his personality at all. Kyle, alongside Minsung, is one of the sleepyheads of the group. He loves his naps. And even more so, he loves to sing. You wouldn't be able to tell by this gif alone but he is one of the more talkative members in the group under the right circumstances. He is actually the member with the most character variety! He loves to play soccer, as well as sing, and he is actually quite good at both! Other than that, he is a big ol' sweety pie when he wants to be as well as holding in this inner sass if the members press his buttons right!


Visual, visual, visual. I don't think they come any prettier (don't tell Minsung!) or taller. Being one of the youngest but also one of the tallest (if not THE tallest, now) really has it's perks! I GUESS the height goes to his head sometimes because nearly 99.9% of the time spent with this boy is witnessing pure sass. He is the KING of it. Against other members or their management, it never stops. I personally think Seunghwan needs to flick his nose every now and again. But, like everyone else here, he has such a sweet side that it makes up for all that rudeness. Hyunkyung is also a talented dancer, so they made him the lead! He and Milo take over the spotlight sometimes, unless it comes to girl groups, then he shares it with Minsung and Kangmin!


The last of our shining knights is the youngest, but also one of the tallest! He's had quite a growth spurt since debut and has gotten a LOT ruder. Kangmin has such a nice smile that it almost looks like it hurts him to do it. His big ol' grin is one of the reasons I started stanning this group in the first place! He also is one of the more childish and dependent members. (I believe I remember the members saying he can't cook, even!) They have taken to calling him a gigantic baby. You really can't blame him, though. With a face like that, and the dancing skill he has, he could get baby'd all day. And he does, but they love doing it too. They take care of each other in their own ways, Kangmin too!


Do you think you found a bias? And if you thought you already had one, has your bias changed?

With my groups, I usually shift once or twice before someone drags me with them down the rabbit hole. IF YOU ONLY BIAS ONE, you should consider yourself lucky!
My daughter's bias is Milo, but I don't have one. They are just too young.
I don't know much about Romeo but ever since I saw their music video Target I fell in love with Milo but Minsung is a bias wrecker for sure
I can't choose between Milo or Minsung. I have to watch the group during a variety show like WEEKLY IDOL and ASC! I like to see their personalities come to life. That's how I deter my bias. EX. I fell in love with J-Hope after watching him act in WEEKLY IDOL! He made me melt and I love his funny and adorable personality. XD