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I finally get to update! I had re-read this earlier and was super happy once more. It was just such a fun chapter to write!
“I can’t believe we met them” Krystal squealed all the way home and was excited about meeting them for the first time and getting that close.
“I’m also shocked we got out of there alive with all the fangirls” I told her. We had gotten passed them with no foul words or anyone mad at us, not really what I had expected of fans.
“So are you up for one more thing before we head back?” Krystal asked me.
“What would that be?” I asked.
“Bookstore” she said making me laugh.
“Lead the way!” I said excitedly.
The bookstore wasn’t to far away. We had walked maybe five to ten minutes. The sidewalks started to get busier and people were out and about and ready for the night life. It reminded me of being down in the city verse where I lived in the suburbs where it never got this crowded.
“There it is” Krystal said pointing the shop out.
Following her into the shop she roamed right to the back where the manga was kept. I laughed before I started exploring. It was an authentic Korean book store. Back where i lived all we had was one book store, Barnes and Noble. We didn't have small boon stores, they had mostly all died out with time and technology. Thankfully we still had libraries, but this was far fro. Either of those.
I walked through each aisle looking at all the books. I was intrigued, especially since they were in a different language. Not looking where I was going I bumped into something, or should I say I tripped over something and felt myself falling to the ground. The only thing that kept me off the floor was the body sitting on the floor. The reason I tripped and fell landing in this guys lap. A noise came out of me that sounded like I was in pain.
“Are you alright?” The guy asked as I righted myself to a sitting position next to him. He was speaking in Korean I was thankful I knew Korean.
“Thanks for tripping me, I so wanted to sit down” I told him in Korean before turning to look at him. I recognized him, with that leather jacket and the chain around his neck that had a big Z on it. This was the guy from the airport.
“Second time today, one more and our fates might be intertwined” I spoke in English, hoping he'd get I was teasing, if he could understand English, which he has spoken before so don't know why he wouldn't now.
“Second time?” He questioned.
“At the airport you turned back to apologize for your friend who bumped into me” I reminded. When it dawned on him his face brightened and a huge grin appeared on his face.
“Yes, yes I remember” he said. Oh gosh was he gorgeous.
“Funny running into you again” I laughed. I was speaking English even as he continued to answer in Korean, showing off we knew the language.
“Guess its not such a big world” I said laughing.
“Does not seem so” he said. “Are you alright though?” He asked indicating to where I was rubbing my leg. It hurt but the pain would disappear soon.
“Just a little shock” I said with a shrug.
“That's good, did not mean to hurt you” he said.
“What are you doing sitting on the floor?” I asked.
He looked back and forth than looked at me. “Hiding so I could sleep” he admitted. It made me laugh. Oh gosh and I had probably woken the sleeping boy.
“Sorry to disturb your sleep” I told him. He just shrugged.
“I should probably get up anyway. People will be looking for me” he said as he started to put the book in his hands back on the shelf. He stood up than extended a hand to help me up. I let him only to feel the pain in my shin worsen. I didn't really want to have my leg buckle in front of him, but of course it did and it had me falling into him. The surprise on his face was apparent.
“Your not okay” he said as he eased me back to the ground. He looked around for a moment and than nodded.
“Stay here for a moment” he said before leaving me.
“Okay, yea sure, I can't move anyway” I said to no one in particular. “I'm not going anywhere” I added. I sat there thinking than realized might as well pull a book out and look. I picked a book just a little out of reach and than opened it up in my lap. The book had lines that went down and in korean . I could make out some of the simple words but not enough to form a full sentence.
I was so into figuring it out that I hadn't realized someone had approached until there was cold on my leg. I jumped startled just to see the guy there.
“Did not mean to frighten you” he said sheepishly as he saw that in fact, he had.
“Its okay” I said as I looked at the cold compress he had put on my leg.
I put the book down and than rolled my legging up so that I could look at it. There was an angry red mark against my skin. He quickly covered it up putting the compress on it and put my hand over it. There was some commotion that started in the store making us both look up just to see 2 guys walking, searching for someone. The guy sighed and stood up.
“I'm sorry to leave you after this, but I've been found” he said pointing with his thumb to the guys who were making their way down the aisle.
“Thanks for the compress” I said just as the guys stopped in front of me.
“Zelo man we've been looking for you” the blonde one said.
“I took a nap” he said “I bumped into her though and was helping” he pointed to me now. The guys looked down at me, first at my leg than at my face. There was shock on the blondes face than it was gone and instead a scowl took its place.
“Are you alright?” He asked squating next to me. I was slightly in shock as I realized who this was, who they were and why there was such a commotion in the store now. They were members of B.A.P.
“Yea-yes yes I'm alright, the compress is helping” I told him.
“You need to watch where you are going so you don't get hurt so often” he told me, as if he was scolding a child.
“I'll work on that one” I said hesitantly. A sigh escaped him as he nodded than stood up in a swift move. “I need to go before more fans come” he said before he turned to his friends.
“That her?” Jongup said quietly but I heard. There was a severe nod before Zelo spoke.
“I'll see you around Lena” he said in a chipper voice.
30 second, they were gone in thirty seconds. The amount of time it took for me to recover after he said my name.
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Haha...she never gave her name to Zelo! Is she finally putting 2 n 2 together!? Hehe! Can't wait for the next update! 😆