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She Was An Angel
She was an Angel
And I tried to
Keep her down
by breaking her
I didn't know any other way
She came to me when everything I had
Was shattered and thrown into the trash
I was led to believe that it was
My fault
And perhaps it was my fault
For trying my best
Knowing that I might fail
Knowing that once I was out of myself to give
I wouldn't have enough left for me
And yet I tried
And when she came to my rescue
Ignoring the pleas to abandon all hope
For the useless and discarded
She came to me
What was I to do with such happiness?
For what was expected when the time came
For her to ascend back to her home
What could I, a man freshly put back whole
Do to make the blessing remain?
In my mind, it was simple.
Turn the blessing into a curse
-Dynamo (3-14-16)
This was beautiful and sad. I loved it 👏
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@VickieAnimeFan Glad you liked it :3
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