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"Hey Hoseok want to go eat lunch?" I looked up from my computer screen to see Jin and to the side I see Sooyung carrying some take out. I instantly smiled when I saw Sooyung,"Okay let's eat." Jin then shook his head and smiled,"Not here we are going to eat in the lunch area located in the R&D department since I believe our newest recruit isn't very welcomed." I sighed but before I can open my mouth Sooyung grabbed my hand,"Come on babe I want to meet the world's genius. And the girl you took to dinner." I smiled and nodded. Jin then looked at Sooyung,"She doesn't like being called a genius, Sooyung. So don't call her that in front of her." Sooyung rolled her eyes and before they fight I put my arms around Sooyung,"Alright then let's go eat with Kurumi." As we headed out I looked at the new secretary and she bowed to us three as we headed towards the elevator.
When we arrived to the cafeteria Kurumi was ,unsurprisingly, eating alone. "Hey Kurumi." Jin asked as we all sat down around. Kurumi smiled,slightly blushing and bowed to us three. "Hello Jin, Hoseok and...uhm?" Sooyung reached out for a handshake,"The name is Sooyung, I am Hoseok's fiance." Kurumi nodded and smiled at us three. I realized she was really beautiful if she wasn't barking at me, I guess they were right when they said that the Sagasawa's were really beautiful. I then heard some snickering and laughing behind Kurumi. They looked like they have been messing with her but when I looked at her she seemed unfazed so I too ignored the idiots. Sooyung then took out the takeout food. "I took the liberty of buying food for you to Kurumi but I guess..." She looks at the various desserts in front of Kurumi,"...you can't eat them." Kurumi then viciously shook her head,"Oh no I can still eat all I did was drink the tea so far and if you guys want some fruit and scones feel free." She said as she pushed the desserts in the middle of the table."Thanks." Jin said as he stuffed a strawberry into his mouth and once again Kurumi smiled and blushed.
We began to eat the Chicken Mushroom Alfredo and not long after Kurumi had her first bite she began coughing furiously."Kurumi are you okay?" She looked at Jin then at the food began coughing more vigorously,"A-Are there...mush...rooms?" Sooyung nodded and Kurumi stood up, my guess for her phone, but not long fainted,"Kurumi!" I immediately stood up and hovered over her and touched her cheek,"Jin get the car out at front!" I looked at Kurumi's face and she was beginning to sweat I wiped the sweat off her forehead with the sleeve of my suit and I picked her up carefully. "Sooyung grab her things and meet me up front." Sooyung nodded and immediately began cleaning up her lunchbox and thermos. I ran to the elevator with Kurumi in my arms but it was going to slow so I decided to head towards the stairs. I ran from the 15th floor down to the first. I was sweating but the adrenaline allowed me to carry Kurumi all the way through without stopping or fainting myself. When I got downstairs Jin and Sooyung was already waiting downstairs. "You went by stairs?" I nodded ignoring the pain now hitting my calves. "Elevator took to long to open. Let's just go to the hospital." I then put her in the middle of Sooyung and I. I looked at her phone and texted the man named Satoshi,who I believe was her butler since there were already instructions texted to him, the details to the hospital we were headed.
The minute we got there the pain on my leg had gotten worse but I carried Kurumi inside and had told them the situation and they immediately rushed her into the ICU. I sighed in relief and I looked at Sooyung and Jin who seemed to also be relieved. I then began to massage my calves to lessen the pain. "Does it hurt?" I nodded and Sooyung just looked scared,"I should've known better Hoseok...now her life is in danger." I smiled at her,"I'm sure she is fine it's just allergies." She smiled in relief, I am glad to have lessened her fear. "It's not just an allergy." Sooyung and I looked up to see a young man and he looked pretty built bowing at us,"Ms. Kurumi is deathly allergic to mushrooms. She can die. AND she is not allowed to ever enter a hospital. What you did was unnecessary." Jin then came out of nowhere before I could even talk,"She was dying. We couldn't just leave her." Satoshi looked at him and bowed,"You could've contacted me. I am trained for any situation, even if she needed surgery." I looked at him and said,"Well she's at the hospital nothing to do now." Before he can say anything the doctor came out,"Where is the guardian for Kurumi Sagasawa?" Before us three stepped up Satoshi had already claimed the guardian position,"Well she's going to be fine but she needs to stay in the hospital for a couple of days. At the most until tomorrow." Satoshi didn't show any emotion,"She can't stay here doctor. As for the reasons they are personal and--" Before he finished we heard screaming coming from where Kurumi was at.
When we arrived all we see was Kurumi taking out the needles from her IV drip furiously. "Stay away from me!" As the nurses tried to approach she began crying hysterically and in Japanese she screamed," Please! I beg you guys to stop I just want to go home! Get me out of here!" I looked at Kurumi's face and her face became more distorted as the nurses got closer but she was still beautiful. Before I knew it Satoshi took a needle out of his pocket and approached Kurumi and before she can react to him he stabbed her with the needle causing her to faint once again. I knew it wasn't a tranquilizer because he gave her about 7 more of those shots. You never give a person that much tranquilizer unless you want them to sleep for years. "It's time for you three to go." I looked at Sooyung who seemed to be very shaken up by the turn of events."Jin we should go." I said as I pointed at Sooyung. He immediately understood and nodded.
After a couple of hours I went back to the hospital for my cellphone that I had left behind. When I was about to walk in I heard people snickering,"You let her come here?" A deep voice I had recognized from interviews, it was definitely Kurumi's dad,"I didn't sir her boss brought her here after a severe allergic reaction." That was Satoshi I would never be able to forget such a distinct voice. Kurumi's father mumbled something I couldn't hear,"Did anything happen that I should know of?" Satoshi was silent for a second," She had a breakdown earlier but I took care of it. I gave her double the usual dosage." I heard her father sigh,"From now on double it we can afford her remembering that night." What night? Why is it so bad she forgets? "Yes Sir." I heard foot steps coming towards the door and I hid someplace they couldn't see me. I saw Kurumi's father, a handsome man, two beautiful girls, and finally Satoshi. "Dad you're going to double it again? The last time you did it she had migraines." One of the beautiful girls had spoken out. "It was just a minor side effect of the medicine she's fine now." Her brother sighed,"Dad Kanna is right, Kurumi has had enough of these medicines, I think it's time for her to know." Her dad then screamed," ENOUGH!" His voice thundered through the hall scaring even me,"She doesn't need to know anything. It's for her own good stop making me out to be the bad guy. If she finds out what happened that night she'll kill herself. Don't act like she never tried to before when we let her." Kurumi tried to kill herself? What exactly happened? "Now enough of this. I have to get to Japan early in the morning." I then heard their footsteps getting farther and farther.
I walked into Kurumi's room and when I walked in the room was dark except for the moonlight shining through the windows. As I took my phone I got a glimpse of Kurumi's angelic face. "What happened to you after all these years?" I swept her hair to the side and I left the room making my way to dinner with Sooyung.
I slowly opened my eyes when I felt somebody touch my face. I looked towards the door. Jin? What was he doing here? Did he come for me? I smiled at the thought of Jin coming for me. I think I know what this clenching in my heart is. It's love. I maybe in love with Mr. Kim Seokjin but does he love me? I looked out the window and I took a deep breath and I coughed. I hate the smell of the hospital, the strong smell of disinfectant overpowering everything else. It wasn't the hospital I hated it was the disinfectant smell. It reminded me of something but I don't remember. The more I think about it the stronger the pang in my head becomes. It's like something is stopping me from remembering but I don't know what and in all honesty I don't care. I went back to my bed and before I knew it I doze off to sleep.
I look out the window of my company,"What do you mean Jimin?" Jimin sighed,"He refused to even see me and as I walked out I saw the Japanese girl who is the world's supposed genius." I looked at Jimin,"She's working for his company when we sent out the invitation first?" I laughed,"I guess even if your number 2 people would always prefer the number 1. What about you Yoongi any luck?" He smiled which I instantly took as a good sign,"They agreed to it, but Namjoon are you sure this is a good idea." I smirked,"They may have the smart one but we have the talented one." He looked at me suspiciously,"But she does art..." I put down her file in front of Yoongi,"She's also a researcher. And we aren't using her for her brains. We need her for information so we can steal her sister from that arrogant little punk." Jimin smiled,"That's one thing your saying that makes sense right now Namjoon. That Hoseok was way more than arrogant." I looked down at a resume,"Oh look another secret weapon." Yoongi and Jimin looked at the file confused,"You already have a secretary." I laughed at Jimin's remark," Oh my god! Guys she used to be the secretary for Hoseok himself. She might be able to tell us some serious information." My phone then vibrated and I looked down at the text. "Is that your texting buddy?" Yoongi laughed at Jimin's remark,"Laugh all you want but this texting buddy is leaking serious information about Hoseok's latest plans. For example, he is working on an age defying serum with Sagasawa Inc." They smiled,"Who is it?" I looked at Jimin,"You'll know in time Jimin. But it's not time for you guys to know yet." They sighed and returned to their own little world. Jimin flirting with some girl online and Yoongi falling asleep.