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alright it's still July 1 with me so it still day 1 lol its 11:32pm here BTW! lol Anywho... IT'S YO HOMIES TWISTEDPUPPY!!! HERE DOING THE IKON CHALLENGE!!!! LET'S GET STARTED!!! WHAY TIME IS IT!!? SHOWTIME LEGGO!!!!
Okay well you see.... *clear throat* I don't like ikon
WAIT WAIT LET ME EXPLAIN!!! I don't like ikon.... I LOVE THEM!!!
because you didn't let me finish.. -_- anyways ^_^
I like ikon because they funny and cute their such dorks ^_^
HANBIN!!!.... sorry hehe got off track there haha
I love the way they undress each other!! look at BOBBY CUTE TUMMY!!! HANBIN!!!!!!
I like how they can mess with each other it's so funny they fact that they can bully each other is cute lol
I like ikon because they work their ass off to be where Thier at. Ikon may seem rude stuck and unmannered but it's not true they respect their hyungs and support each other and other YG Groups. the reason they may seem cocky is because table YG GD and alot of other told them always show that your confident GD himself said to them that he wanted to see them become bigger then BigBang which was crazy of him to say lol. they are hard working and caring their honest and that what I like about them they don't wear a mask and fake that goodie idol appearance. they show themself and that what I love about ikon.
also the fact that they get bash on so much but still stay the same way and not give a damn is what I like they don't care what they haters have to say they take all that hate and use it as energy because ikon is truly the black sheep of YG. the rebel boy group that have a unique personality and outstanding talents.
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I could not have said it better! You rock!
I love ikon too for so many reasons
those memes though Vinny 😂😂 you should make more they are amazing, but I completely agree with you
@twistedPuppy lol exactly
@firstladyofaomg so many you can't even write it down because it won't fit right
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