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Got7 was amazing!!! Completely amazing! They were dorky and funny and bambam dabbed a lot! JB dabbed too and of course Jackson! And I had hi touch with them! They are just as good looking in person as they are on the screen! But here is my problem
I went in biasing mark...but...but...Jackson! And JR....jinyoung noticed me when the group walked through the crowd. He was on stage I stood on my chair and held a heart sign up! He smiled and waved, I smiled and waved back and he really grinned after that! Then...then.... the hi touch he thought after all his sexy extraness he could lean over the table and look sexy as you know what! And idk what possessed me to do this but I literally yelled saying it wasn't necessary and that he needed to stand back up! But he didn't and we locked eyes! Then going through the members I almost missed mark (my bias) cause I was still locked eyes with Jackson, mark popped out and I was like oh yeah I like you, but then when I grabbed Jackson hand we locked eyes and didn't look away until I had to move (reality it was like 5 seconds) then I get to JR and he had his cute smile on like always! So I'm confused! Like who do I like! Mark took over a long time ago, but JR and JACKSON! JACKSON! Idk what to do! I need to sort my feelings out!
I'm so emotionally confused right now lol @Animezkpopgirl @luna1171
馃槀馃槀馃槀poor girl ik how u feel cool.. and thats exactly how I feel about Markson I like them both lol..cant separate them
wow! now thats an experience!
Hello were you guys allowed to have the official lightstick?
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