This event was EPIC!! The photos and videos I'm seeing are just too much I think they did a great job planning this event. Now enough of my chit chat, time for the photos!!
Song Kyungil in a alien suit and as a waiter. That mustache is weird lol CR darkpanther1128 Runway walk:
YiJeong in a cute teddy onesie and dressing like he's ready for vacation CR _lovetrain910 and PeachpeachYj
Sihyoung as a pretty Snow White with a tough and cute side Along with strutting his stuff in a nice white suit with a black bottom down shirt. And showing some skin being extra lol video clips of his costumes: suit: CR blackhole__k
I've seen only vids of Jaeho so far so I'll update with photos when they become available. Here's two clips to enjoy! In a maid costume: In a pretty girl costume:
DoKyun walks the runway with... winter attire? He surely must've been hot. And then he dressed as a Power Ranger and another walk while taking a drink sexily.
So it seems History had quite an eventful and amazing day with their fans in Tokyo.