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good morning vingle community, let's start the day off with a little anime called Kiznaiver, a sci-fi drama that will tug at those emotions deep inside our gullets haha but in all seriousness it's pretty good and should keep ya interested for that final episode oh and has one of the best op's I've heard this season, lay your hands on me by boom boom satellite
this is the main cast and they say "CHECK IT OUT AND LET US KNOW WHAT YALL THINK"
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Just finished watching this. I'd give it an 8/10, taking off a couple for the forced sappiness at the end and the ending pairings ( kachonxchido forever). Overall, really enjoyed it and it's probably my favorite of this year.
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@GuacheSuede I honestly agree with your rating but I don't really think it was forced considering all the emotional tension that was built then thrown around and the fact that it was 12 episodes didn't give it much wiggle room but did great as it transitioned from emotional wreak to happiness ending in its time span
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@SunnyMing94 I see where your stance comes from. I was reminded in the beginning of Hyouka and Tanaka-kum is always Listless, by virtue of the drifting manner of the MC. I'm glad it didn't turn into a clone of either of those two. I just didn't think that Tenga and Chido had the chemistry that Kachon and Chido had. I also thought that Sonazaki was a little bland even up till the end. Maybe I'm just salty
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@GuacheSuede in all honesty I can't blame ya I know how it can be when who wanted to ship doesn't go as plan but there will always be another anime with another kawaii couple hahaha
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@SunnyMing94 Haha true XD
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