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Real Name: Yuta Nakamoto Stage Name: Yuta Position: Rapper & Dancer DOB: October 26, 1995 Hometown: Osaka, Japan Family: Mother, Father, two sisters (one older and one younger). Zodiac Sign: Scorpio Height: 176CM Blood Type: A - Joined SM Entertainment through SM’s Global Audition 2012 in Osaka. - once auditioned in a Japanese singing contest called “Juice Winter Collection 2011“ - participated in the “Abnormal Summit” variety show even while he was still a rookie. - loves soccer played soccer from the ages of 5 to 16. - He’s a multi-talented artist who can sing, dance, and act. - SM's first Japanese idol - was a member of the Abnormal Summit even though he was still a rookie.

another new member released and ....I'm in love!!!! he's sooo beautiful !! now I'm even more excited to see the rest of the members...I'll be nct 127 trash extremely soon at this rate

Dang he is so cuteeeeee
@LocoForJiyong his name is even perfect and I so agree I told my self I was only going to like NCT U but him right there told me come here *say in scorpion from mortal Kombat voice*
@LocoForJiyong he is that hair tho
@twistedPuppy oh lol and definitely will Tag you! isn't he beautiful!!!! I'm in love already man
also tagged me in these please and Yuta is Hella fine
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