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I am speechless...... This is my first card after a hiatus.. I did write about the NBA championship, which was great cause my second team Cavaliers won the championship and Lebron got the MVP (which people argue that Kyrie deserved it) but we all know that Lebron led his team to a win from 3-1 deficit against the Warriors. He deserves that, and Kyrie knows that. I'll stop talking about Lebron and start Jerely Lin instead, So let's start from the beginning, Jeremy Lin has been a free agent for quite a while now. Like I wanted him to stay with the Hornets because I thought they had potential to become something. It was a tough season but they were a great team. I agree they started out in a rough start but they finished a bit strong. That's why I had hoped that this team will eventually make a great team since it consist with great players. But good things have to end right? It's such a tough world. They were rumors whether the free agent JLin will sign with Boston Pistols or Brooklyn Nets. I couldn't imagine what it would be like if JLin would be on either of those teams. I couldn't imagine. Today, we found out Jlin's decision.. He chose the Brooklyn Nets!! He confirmed this by using Twitter where he used a photoshopped picture of him in the nets uniform. (Honestly, he doesn't look bad with black and white, he actually looks good ) He signed a $36 million 3 year contract with the nets. But who knows what will happen after the season. This was a shock to me and I was in denial. But as a fan, I put my feelings aside and accepted his decision and I will support him no matter what. Sorry for the long post. Like I thought that I had to let it out and rant, I guess. But thank you for reading. What did you think of JLin's decision to signing with Brooklyn Nets? Leave your comments below because I want to know what other think about this. I'm very shocked about this. But I accepted his decision and hoped for a great next season. Bye for now! šŸ˜Š
I think it's actually good for him. He would have a chance to lead his own team, unlike in Charlotte where there's primary ball handler in Kemba and Nic Batum
@tysonlin You have a point, I have noticed that Kemba and Batum are always in the spotlight and Jeremy is barely. So I do agree with your statement. But on the other hand, the team could have improved to become one of the best. He could have stayed and nurtured the team.