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Well, I have counted all your votes and we have a winner. Thank you all for voting and I hope you enjoy this special card I Made for all of you.

Facts about Mark:

Full Name: Mark Tuan Yi-En
Nationality: Chinese.
Position: Main Rapper, Main Dancer, Vocalist, Visual.
Born: September 4th, 1993
Height: 175 cm or 5'9
Weight: 59kg or 130 lbs
Blood type: A
Education: Completed 10th Grade in Arcadia high school before moving to seoul.
Specialty: Martial Arts.

Fun Facts:

-He loves Hip Hop.
-He's Fluent in English.
-He lived in Brazil and Paraguay for a few years.
-He used to seak Portuguese, but has Forgotten most of the Language.
-He has a "Baby face."
-He is Actually the oldest member in the group.
-His Idol is Kanye West. He wants to be a singer just like him, who performs "Cool music" and has great Fashion sense.
-Back in 2011, While he was still a Trainee, he shot a CF for KT Olleh.
-He's Very close with Jackson.
-He Shares a Room with Jackson
-his Nickname is "little" because he was born of the year of the Chicken
-The other members say that he looks like a Cotton Bud, He's tall with a Small face.
-Mark gets sleepy whenever he has to go study.
-He also gets Distracted very Easily.
-One of the Things of Got7 Mark's Bucket list is to go Skydiving. he says that he's watched Videos of people skydiving, and it looks like a Meaningful Life changing experience.
-Mark Can understand Mandarin and speak a little bit, but he's not fluent. He can't understand Completed Sentences.
well, that's it for this K-star Saturday. I hope you enjoyed this card. if you would like to be notified whenever I post on K-star Saturday, you can either follow my Collection "T.G.I.K-pop" or you can let me know in the Comments if you want to be added to m K-Star Saturday Taglist.
lol this is soooooooooo cutte thanks but Did u purposely use first 2 gif of kookie nd bam bam thgh 鉂も潳馃憣 馃槂
yayyyyyyyy :) I'm so excitedd, I'm gonna see him on Wednesday!!!
He is adorable with that little baby face. Still giving him to my daughter as her bias I got the rest of the group.
@sukkyongwanser sure will, and I'm so glad that you liked it. 馃槉
I loved this card! Please tag me in any other cards. Thank you
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