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안녕하세요 친구!!

Hola! Salaam! Hiya!! Just wanted to introduce myself if you don't know who I am yet. :) 저는 이솔다 입니다. 처음 뵙겠습니다! Yeah that's all I know super well so far lol . But my name is Isolda, you may call me Sol for short if you wants. I'll be your lovely Seventeen Moderator for the Q3 period and I can't wait to have lots of fun with you.
Quick about me (yes that's me on Thursdays only) •Puerto Rican, so my English isn't the best but Google and friends are my life savers. •Older than 19 but younger than 25 jeje. •Been adulting for a while but officially 3 years now (real work wise I mean jaja) •Major I'm sorry but until these beautiful Korean men estoppp, I'm just keep adding them in my life. ㅠㅠvㅠㅠ •B.A.P, F.T Island, SS501, Shinee, 2PM, SUJU and about 4(8) more groups were my intros to this wonderful chaotic Kpop world. Now I'm a my bubble before lol. •Currently fascinated with KHip-Hop & KRap (thanks to another lovely boricua @LocoForJiyong)♡ •I'm also mod supporters for: -Monsta X (Joohoney) -iKon (Dongie) -BTOB (Chi Town Peniel Bae) -coming soon another group hopefully


My Seventeen biases, yes biases, are: -Jisoo ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ -Seokmin ♡♡♡♡♡ -Jeonghan ♡♡♡♡♡ -Naega Hoshi ♡♡♡♡♡
My Seventeen bias wreckers are: -Seungkwan -Wonwoo -Minghao aka The8
Ta-da...done. *I want the Seventeen Community to feel welcomed in my life as I hope to be welcomed in yours along with my mod supporters.* [If there's anything you would like to know about me or especially Seventeen don't hesitate to Vingle is open for you ^_^] Can't wait for this Q3 to get rolling and I hope you come play with us!
@luna1171 ahhh thank you thank you...I sure hope so.
You gonna be an Awsome Mod!!.😆😆🙌🙌😆💪💪
@MelissaGarza awwww Gracias! I shall not fail my lovely Carats nor Vinglers. <3
Yay!! I love this! congratulations! 🎉 I know You'll do Seventeen proud ❤