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BTS twitter update
ugh why they gotta be so cuteeee~ kyahhhhhhh~ vkook so much vkook~ why cant i be their to see huhu😭😭😭 so sad
big time vkook and vmin and jimin fan~ whos with me~!✋
ok im a big time tae fan so hehe these are pic of tae and omg! he is perfect!!!! ugh my baby tae~!!!
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I can't handle that level of cute! 😱😖😍
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@taetaebaozi I haven't gone through all my video and photos yet, but eventually I will. Tae threw water on the audience in P2 and during Cypher, he was over kneeling and completely interacting with us. He was so sweet. I of coarse screwed up the cyper videoing (long story), but I do have Fire, Dope, and Save Me.
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@JaxomB omg!!!!!! your so freaking lucky!!!!
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@taetaebaozi We had a good time, but a lot of the trip was a nightmare. I will try to get at least one card posted tonight.
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@JaxomB ahhh i see at least you guys had a good time and yassss~ tagg me pls
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