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With becoming Mod for such a strong fandom that not only lives on Vingle, but a huge fandom chunk of the internet is a great responsibly that I hope I can carry on with the Justice league . Of course with the help of the Vingle Daring DC community, with out anyone of you... There would be no DC community for us to scream about the new Aquaman in the movie or how much they change up Harley Quinn, who at first was just a cartoon character that crossed over. We have so many different things going on within our community that I hope that with my term as mod can really do some amazing things together with you guys.

Who am I?

I am L A Von York, I am kind, silly and just a riot. I am here to help people from all Vingle communities. My inbox is open to chat if you need something. I don't bite, however if you are rude and violating my guidelines that coincide with Vingle's rules and regulations, I have no problem reporting you, blocking you and writing a tasteful email to Vingle including screenshots of how and when you broke the clause. It's the age of the Geek baby and screenshots are fair game. Don't worry though before I use Thor's hammer, I would let you know. Seems fair? Right?
I am also found in the Marvel Community and I do make card here and there but not as much as I use to. I will keep up my Deadpool collection, after all I am the Merc with the Mouth, But at Daring DC I will be know as Queen Mera. Okay for a better understand of who I am mix Queen Mera, Booster Gold and Batman then you got me. Oh with a splash of LOBO baby!!!
I parlay in the Funny Community..
That community is ran by @danidee, she is super awesome and I look forward with working with her on some funny daring dc cards. Everyone knows at least one character that gets cracked on. Lets not pick on Batman and his constant prep time for everything . Don't worry Batz I still love you lmao.
Personal Note: I am in the middle of changing careers, so there might not be times you will not see me but I always have an inbox and We have Mod Support which I would trust them if I have to go for a day or two.
I have a growing support team. Our first member is Known as Dark Claw aka @MalcolmAllen . All the supports that run with me to keep Daring DC amazing are treated as Mods. They are just as capable to answer questions and direct you to cards that might help you get around of Vingle. In other words, you might see my name @lavonyork on the top but please believe that the people I chose to help with this community was not on a whim and they deserved it.
Do not be shy to introduce yourself to Dark claw lol. He is pretty cool and knows his Daring DC and he is a wonderful addition to the community and I am happy to have him with us.
BTW I am looking for 3 other supports to help with the community. As time goes on I might add 2 more to the support team. If you are interested send a message to myself or @MalcolmAllen so we can check whats what. There is only four things I ask for. Know about DC have some knowledge . If you happen to be a TV head for DC that would be GREAT I would love a writer and a game creator for all the DC shows out and coming, Have the ability to create a positive buzz to have people what to be apart of out community, RESPECT the rules


Actually before I became Mod to DC, I already wrote it out because I took a break from Vingle and it seemed like a mess lol. Sorry guys, I am All DC know but my foundation is a Merc with a mouth and I am not going to pull punches. I saw few communities running on top of their game and others I wondered what happened. I chalked it up as life, which we all have off a Vingle.
So I am reposting my Deadpool Rules because I am feeling lazy at the moment xD