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im to excited.. i cant explain this feeling.. my first live kpop concert.. im so ready to see 7 of my fav guys..
CYJ is my got7 bias.. i hope hes feelinh better so he can perform tomorrow night... i heard "Fly In Dallas" was Amazing but chicago is gonna be the best.
the shirt i made for the show.. got my light stick and other things.. my shirt glows in the dark.
lets All Fly with our GOT7.!!!!
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@SatinSkies @MelissaGarza thanks guys.. im so excited
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I was just at the concert in Chicago
a year ago·Reply
@YailinTejeda I hope you had fun ☺
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@MelissaGarza I had the best time
a year ago·Reply
I was there too! It was so amazing!
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