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The Award Winning show of 2016 for shounen anime has finally reached our screens, and it's time to rejoice over the return of the foodgasms and heroics, battles and cliffhangers in the Shokugeki no Souma, The Second Plate!!!

What has improved!

Right from the start, new music is introduced with new and creative OST inspired by the Pokémon games and they have increased the efforts in the animation, being that one of the major criticisms the first season it got was that the animation was relatively stiff and still-framed, which they still continue using, but now features *much* more fluidity and character-movements!

The first episode, however, was kinda rushed. Compared to the manga, it covered basically 10 chapters in one single go, but maybe that's what it takes to bring everyone back to speed on the current universe in Shokugeki, being the Autumn Elections!

Check it out!

And see for yourselves!

@LuffyNewman the thing that makes this shounen so much better than the others is that Souma's abilities aren't being used to get praise or to factually improve himself (he does that by himself), but to show the world and the society he lives in the hypocrisy of what their perception on what good food actually means, and Souma himself needs to grow stronger in order to continue doing that. This show has got it figured out, and Season 2 is gonna be a tad-bit -2lvls of foodgasms, but seriously +1000lvls on story and character-development!
I just actually binged season 1 couple weeks ago and fell in love and of course I had to finish it in time for season 2. Which I finished it and another in 1 day haha but still I love this anime!! Such a different type of shounen setup that I truly love it!!
thanks @VoidX
sadly I have to wait a week til crunchy roll give it to free users
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