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I did this because why not! Thank leader @StefaniTre
Oh sweet, Bang is my besttiieee
Himchan has a crush on me?? Oh... Oppa *blushes* But I like Youngjae... OPPA I'M SORRY
Jongpup... Why? WHY DO YOU DO THIS ME *cries*
Dae... You love me? But... but why? JONGPUP AND DAE YOU'RE FIGHTING OVER ME??? STOP PLEASE!
Buy in the end my bias Jello bebe comes to save me from the others *big smile* I love you Jello! Thank you leader for this awesome game! All you lovely Baby's should do it and post your results and tag @StefaniTre and the other Baby mods so we can see your fun story! BABY Squad: @StefaniTre @CrystalBlunt @AimeeH @JohnEvans @Helixx
Jello always be looking out for you... he just has to keep his eye out for Wonho now.
@Helixx Yes he does poor Jello