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Winner 30 Day Challenge: Day 1
So...I was contemplating who my Winner bias was...and let me tell you that it was hard...I originally thought it was Taehyun cause his voice killed me...then I thought Jinwoo, cause that guy's voice and his tendency to get lost made me smile...and then Mino wanted to butt in with his really deep voice...and Seungyoon and Seunghoon just always makes me smile... But I've finally decided...
Drum roll please Leader-nim... (Of course I had to insert some Suju >.<)
I had to go with Mino... :) His deep voice...his off stage adorableness...his raps...gosh, he really got me during SMTM
I was tagged by @PrettieeEmm :) But now I'll also tag my ELF Reps (I'm not sure if we have anybody here that likes Winner, but I guess we'll see) @Kpossible4250 @KokoroNoTakara @twistedPuppy @CuteBabyLay And my Personal Tag List ^^ @sukkyongwanser @MrsKyuhyunCho @pharmgirlerin @vicky1990 @Kpossible4250 @HerosBells @Keniaaxox @addri @otakukpoper @SweetDuella @Brawner13 @ESwee @IsoldaPazo @AlexisCortez
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I love this.. thank you for doing the challenge 馃挌馃挌
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@sukkyongwanser Why do you choose the people whose voices kill me? 馃槀
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@GamerKyumin, I guess that is my attraction to them. 馃榾
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@sukkyongwanser Same 馃槀
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