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I figured it was time to re-cap on what Seventeen has been doing. More specifically, what they did in KCon NY! I found a few videos I would like to share with you guys who couldn't make it there to see it for real! If you've already seen them, then feel free to go right on along!

OR WATCH AGAIN, I mean I won't judge. I do it too, all the time.

Here is Seventeen's "Shining Diamond" entrance!

Here is Seventeen's "Pretty U" stage at KCon!

Here is Seventeen's "Mansae" stage at KCon!

Here is Seventeen's "Adore U" stage at KCon!

Here is Seventeen's "Chuck" stage at KCon!

[ There are TWO versions of different fan cams for the same song since they have different angles. You get to see it both ways! ]

And here is Seventeen's special stage finale, which includes Bang, Sorry Sorry, and them being cute as heck!

THIS is a video compilation that is 28 minutes long and covers from entrance to end!

I hope you can get past the shifting camera angles and cheering like I could because it was a fun video to watch!
@LocoForJiyong yaass!! coups was sweating like 10 secs into their 1st song like hoo lawd!! never has a man looked so handsome and hansol!! he is 10× handsomer irl, all of them are really!! i wish i couldve went to klub kcon it looked like so much fun!! but during their special stage, can we talk about how dino shut it DOWN?? idk, im just really happy i got to see them live for the first time in my life. im such a hardcore Carat. sorry for my freakout😅😅
@minimanim3 I lost my voice after seeing all of them.....but when Vernon was killing it......and the8 was being adorable....and s.coups...lord I thought my vocal cords were gonna run away😂 and woozi with the killer looks...yeah too much
@LocoForJiyong and the fact that it was their very 1st show in America and Josh and Hansol were born here makes me so happy for them. they absolutely owned kcon
@minimanim3 right!!!!!! I died man s.coups was too much for me......I 1919172728% agree they look sooo goood in person ...wish you could have gone to klub kcon ...Hansol ughhhh that boy man oh man ....and dino killed it!!!! all of them made me so proud and all of them killed me! the fact that I got to see them up close ....my heart wasn't ready so I understand your freak out. like they truly owned kcon with their performances
i was there!! jeonghan rapped wonwoo's part in adore u and hoshi and jun SLAYED their solo!!! i lost my voice when vernon showed up😂😂
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