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*Y/n's Pov* "Why does it have to rain now?" I huffed. I'm going to look like crap for this job interview.... C'mon hair endure the rain a bit longer! "10 minutes till the interview!?" I broke out into a sprint pushing past people just standing around in the street. "I'm going to be late, nice going y/n!" I slowed down once I saw the shop come into my line of vision. "Yes 3 minutes to spare!" I walked into the coffee shop and made a bee-line to the bathroom. "Oh my gosh you look like utter crap." I tried to flatten down my hair but it was no use, the rain unleashed the beast. I made my way towards the barista and asked if the manager was in. "Yes he is, who is asking?" "Umm, my name is y/n and I'm supposed to have an interview today..." I said looking around at the customers. "Oh yes y/n! I'm the manager here. My name is Hakyeon!" His smile was bright and he was really good-looking. "Oh hello sir, It's nice to meet you. My name is.... Wait I already told you." I said awkwardly. "Yes you did, someone seems a little nervous." He laughed. Aww his laugh. "I guess we'll start the interview now. Ok, question one! Why do you want this job?" "Well, I think it will be a good experience for me and I need a little responsibility in my life right now." Dude I just want some money! "Ok! You're hired!" He beamed. "Wait that's it? You're not going to ask me anything else?" He shook his head no and handed me an apron. "C'mon I'll show you how everything works." I nodded and followed him behind the counter. °15 Minutes later° "And that's basically everything you need to know! If you have any other questions just ask ok?" I nodded and he walked away while I waited for my first costumer. A group of boys walked in and all of them were breathtaking. "Hello welcome to The Coffee Life, what can I get you?" Once I took all their orders another guy ran in behind them, this one was blonde and I swear he is the best looking person I've ever set my eyes on. "Hey guys, sorry I saw the cutest dog and had to pet it." "Of course you did Minsu..." Minsu, that's his name. Beautiful like him. WHY ARE YOU BEING CHEESY JUST TAKE HIS ORDER ALREADY! "Hello welcome to The Coffee Life, what can I get you?" OMG HE'S LOOKING AT ME! Of course he is you're taking his order... which you aren't even listening to! "-Thank you." He said and walked away to his group of friends. OH GOD WHAT DID HE ORDER?! Great now I have to go ask him again... why am I like this? After I finished all of his friends coffee's I went to their table and handed their drinks to them. "Umm... Hi, me again but can you repeat your order? I'm sorry it's my first day and I got a bit distracted." Why are you so awkward? "Sure, A large caramel frappachino with extra caramel please." His smile was so cute. His bottom teeth were a little crooked and it was adorable! I nodded my head and walked back to make his coffee. "Ok y/n don't mess this order up!" After I finished making his frappachino I walked back to their table and handed him his coffee. "Again, I'm sorry about the wait." I apologized. "I'll forgive you.... If you follow me on Instagram." What? Follow him? I'll follow you anywhere you want me to! "Sorry that must have sounded weird. Well me and my friends are having a little competition on who can get the most followers. So will you follow me?" "Sure." I opened up the app and handed him my phone. "There you follow me! I'll follow you back." "So who's winning?" I asked no one in particular. "ME! My name is Suwoong. You should follow me too!" He wiggled his eyebrows. Just as I was about to hand Suwoong my phone Minsu grabbed my arm. "No. She's my follower." He walked my back to my work station while sticking his tongue out like a little kid. Aww he's so adorable! "Don't ever follow him, he's already winning. Ok?" "O-" My phone notification interrupted me. A new Instagram follower. 'Suwoong_95 has started following you.' I laughed and looked at the table to see Suwoong waving at me. Cute. I looked up at Minsu to see him giving a death glare at Suwoong. Just as I was about to follow Suwoong back Minsu took my phone and stuffed it in his pocket. "You can get your phone back after you get off of work.... When do you get off?" "At 7 p.m." You told him. "Great I'll pick you up at 7 then we can go see a movie and then maybe you can have this back." He pointed to his pocket. "I'll see you then." He grabbed his drink and the rest of the boys headed out the door while Minsu looked back to give you a wink. You watched as he left almost running himself into the door. You cover up your mouth trying to hold back your laugh. This boy really was something. Cute. ____________________________________________ This is what will be happening everweek! 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Damn Minsu smooth af 😂
@QueenLee yes pretty please
Ok but first look at his lips on that picture
@MelissaGarza Thank you! Its so cute. I die reading it & I wrote it 😂
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