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Sakamoto Desu Ga? Has sadly ended TuT... It's pretty odd for someone to cry for something that was made to be funny but I cried after watching last nights episode. I freaken loved this anime so much! Just when you thought Sakamoto couldn't be any cooler he freaken does xD Not to mention what an eye candy Sakamoto is❤ (lol) But honestly overall really good anime I totally recommend this anime to anyone up for a good laugh!

TuT goodbye Sakamoto❤

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@ben20 Omg TuT ima cry now
@AimeBolanos I'm sorry but think about it we don't know anything about his past ,he saw snow for the first time in his life which made me think he was in a hospital somewhere since he's definitely not foreign and why would he suddenly move abroad and that one quote about counting stars and that conversation and the speach at the ceremony and why let a first year do it I think the principal knows about a potential illness with sakamoto ...I might be wrong maybe I'm over thinking it
@ben20 No you are probably spot on I never thought of it like that
@AimeBolanos probably and that song at his speech really hit my feels man I just knew he was to awesome to end his story happily 😭😭😭😭
@ben20 TuT God I feel bad now