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안녕하세요 my Loverlys! KPopBeat here with the White... Grey? I am not sure what they are going with but for my own purpose we are going to call them White.... and Blue. These are the last two groups before we get to the elimination card....... ]
But like always after doing the pleasantries in card one we will skip it and get to the good stuff yes?
White Group - Leader DoHa (Dimples) - #2 in Top 7
Beast 'Shock'... and I may be a lil bias as I love Dimples voice... but this was probably my favorite performance of the episode. They danced and worked well together and I feel the parts were put in such a way to make the song sound amazing from beginning to end.
Was it perfect? No, but I feel it was the one that grabbed my attention the most and did not fall short on the dancing or the vocals in my opinion.
Blue Group - Leader In Ho - #1 in Top 7
EXO 'Call Me Baby'... Now this performance started out extremely weak. I was not able to get into it and found myself a little put out with the whole thing.... but... as the performance continued they got a lot better. Personally I think when InSoo former rapper of A6P came out to do his rap that the whole feel of the performance changed. Like all of the members got more confidence or something.
I cannot say this was my favorite performance but they did bring it back at the end.
Well that concludes the group introductions... Next we have the elimination card... That is my least favorite part about elimination shows... ironic isn't it?
Well Until then
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InSoo is like the life of the party man. Even when he was with A6P he always had fun. I don't know why people don't give him credit though. The whole show itself just turned and impressed the judges.
@Sailynn DoHa leader of the White team..... geez
which one is dimples? 😅
That's it? Nothing to say for poor Dimples? So mean Sendy... so mean lol