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Hiya fam! Its Jordan and I present to you my Block B Community Introduction Card!
Real Name: Alex Jordan Shuler Born:April 12 From: Tennessee, USA Username: JordanShuler Religion: Christianity Height: 5'5 Hobbies: I love playing the piano, and practicing the picollo and flute Favorite Groups: Vixx, Bts, Block B, Monsta X, Exo, Gugudan, KNK, Infinite, Seventeen, etc... Ultimate Bias: Ravi, V, Ukwon, I.M Top Biases: Suga, Chanyeol, Jungkook, Zico, Suho, Mingyu Dream: My dream is to become a professional musician Fun Fact: I adore rapping and I don't write lyrics to paper well, but I love freestyle
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@JordanShuler awesome I have a big heart for rapping,writing music, playing multiple instruments, and dancing