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Hello Fan Art Community!! It it with great pleasure to annouce this Q3 New Mod Crew! You have seen them around in our wonderful community and int others as well xD They are dedicated Vinglers and I couldn't have asked for a better team!

We have the wonderful Mjay! AKA @watermage Glad to have you on the team! (check out her profile!)

The wonderful Akira! AKA @alexcattura Glad to have you on the team! (check out her profile!)

We have the amazing Melidoas! AKA @tylor619 Glad to have you one the team! (He is also the Fairy Tail's Newest Mod! Check out his profile!)

And Last but certainly not least the daring Red Renegade! AKA @BlackoutZJ Glad to have you on the team bro! (Check out his profile!)

Cant wait to get started on some fun and cool things for this Q3 and especially with these cool people xD! And for those not familiar with the Fan Art Community... DONT BE SHY! xD fun join our family! It's fun I promise❀ Follow my collection "Fan Art Community" to be updated with the communities announcements and events!

congrats everyone ;)
can someone give me the first picture without the wording please