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Here's all the videos and pictures i was able to get of BTS at KCON 2016 NY
This is the video that truly matters. BTS DABBING!!!
Please take a look and admire V's cute smile and dance with Eric Nam
I was lucky enough to get a BTS Fan Audience Engagement ticket so I was able to see them before the concert. The answered a couple of questions. Since this was recorded in the audience section the vid is a little shaky, forgive me but enjoy anyways!!!
BTS introducing themselves.
I was able to record the main dance in "Save Me". This dance is literally beautiful in person!
Junkooks cute little dance and V screaming "New York Turn Up!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Sorry this clip is so short, it was a snap chat recording but I got the main dance!!! :))

All the videos are from my Official Youtube Channel. Please support and Follow. All my other Kcon videos are on there and I will be posting reaction videos starting next week. Stay tuned!!!

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I only went on Saturday because I mainly wanted to see Mamamoo and BTS. In reality they were all good and I would like to see BTS in concert soon, and it was fun I went last year as well.