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What's up guys! If you dong already know I am a supporter for the Winner community. I will be in charge of Sassy Taehyunnie Saturdays. Thanks to @PrettieeEmm for choosing me! For my first card, I just want to introduce this cute furball. Let's get started!
Basic Facts: Real Name- Nam Taehyun Birthday- May 10, 1994 Position- Main Vocalist, Maknae From Hanam, South Korea

Fun Facts:

He was recruited to YG Entertainment in 2011 through a private audition
Was a backup dancer for the 2011 YG Family Concert
Credits YG Entertainment for helping him grow and improve his style of singing from when he first started out
Has a tattoo on his left arm that says “Jean Michel Basquiat”, and one on his left wrist that says “Stay Gold”
Can speak Japanese
He's also performed some great solo songs. His voice is so beautiful and soft. You won't forget it!
That last kiss tho, that sassiness...............*face palm*
@PrettieeEmm Thank you 💙😊
its perfect 💙
is it weird that his birthday is like five days before me?
Ugh the song I'm Young is SO sad but beautiful😭💙
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