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Hello Everyone! I @MichelleIbarra, have been given the honor of being the supporter for the BTOB community along with the Melody Squad!

My love for BTOB goes to the stars and back. (Even if I don't post about them very much haha) They're one of the first groups I got into about three years ago! When I first got into Kpop, I wasn't exactly the happiest soul. I went through many hardships in growing up, and there were times when I wanted to give up. One day, my best friend introduced me to EXO. At first I didn't get into them. She however gave me a line of other groups to listen to. I was watching a video, but I wasn't too much into it and so I was looking at the recommended videos. One of the videos was, 'Insane.' Let's just say that a few years later, Kpop changed me for the better. c: I got carried away! I'm sorry haha.
My bias' are Minhyuk and Ilhoon! ♡

However, as the loveable maknae I am, I'll be representing the watermelon maknae Sungjae!

I am in a love with many more groups, and to name a few is what I'm going to do; WINNER GOT7 EXO UP10TION BTS B.A.P VIXX F.T. ISLAND DAY6 SHINee MONSTA X There are more, but these are just a few.

A little bit more about myself.

Kim Seokjin and Amber Josephine Liu are my two UB. c: ♡~ I am 16 years old, and I love cooking! I have an active imagination which is why I am a complete nerd. I love so many books and series. A few of my favorites include: Transformers, the avengers, the mortal instruments, the lord of the rings, Harry Potter, etc. Haha yeah.. my life consists of music and art. That's pretty much all I'm good at, oh and animals! One of my favorite movie quotes is, "When you look at one of the stars, think of one of them as my soul." I am also a supporter for the Fan Fiction community and the UP10TION community! Uhm... anything else, you can just ask!

Now I challenge you all!

Introduce yourselves! I look forward to seeing you all's introductions! Don't forget to tag the melody squad!

SSSSQQQUUEEEE maknae you so 귀염이 (cute)
@IsoldaPazo In that case then yes please! I want to learn many different dishes!
wahhhhh, I love to cook too! omo I'm start sending you my pic in our chat lol. 😍😍😍
@LemonLassie Thank youuu!
CUTEEE! I love the picture of Sungjae. So Happy to have you as our Maknae, Michelle!
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